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Ohio State Water Polo Team Trolls Urban Meyer After Humiliating Loss to Iowa (TWEET)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team suffered a humiliating loss this weekend, and coach Urban Meyer heard about it from the Ohio State women’s water polo team.

On Saturday, OSU fell to 7-2 thanks to a 55-24 drubbing at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Since the top nine teams in the most recent College Football Playoff rankings all have one or zero losses, the shocking loss pretty much killed their chances of winning a championship.

Now, at some schools this sort of thing can be tolerated. But at Ohio State it’s a travesty, and everybody is freaking out. Even the women’s water polo team.

On Sunday they busted out the metaphorical blowtorch on Sunday and roasted Urban Meyer alive. Take a look:

It’s unclear if the person running the women’s water polo team Twitter account is genuinely disgusted with the football team’s loss, or if they’re actually revelling in it.

Either way, that tweet clearly didn’t go over well with OSU athletics, because it got deleted pretty quickly.

Pro tip: don’t make fun of other sports programs at your own school.

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