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This John Calipari Interview with ESPN Reporter Maria Taylor Was SUPER Awkward (VIDEO)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, November 15, 2017

awkward john calipari interview with espn maria taylor

Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari did an interview with ESPN’s Maria Taylor during halftime of Tuesday night’s loss to the Kansas Jayhawks that made a lot of people cringe.

A few seconds into the interview, in which Calipari blasted his players for their inability to rebound, he noticed something going on behind Taylor, grabbed her arm, and nodded. None of that would have been weird at all if he had then let go of her arm. But he didn’t do that. He held onto it for another 22 seconds, at which point he realized what he was doing and things got really awkward.

“I have your arm really hard?” Calipari asked.

“It’s really tight! I’m not your player!” Taylor replied before quickly changing the subject.

Take a look:


Afterward Taylor got on Twitter and joked about the interview. It seemed like an attempt to downplay the awkwardness…except that Taylor linked her comments about the Calipari interview to another tweet from a few days ago in which she told women to not take sh*t from men:


By connecting the Calipari interview to a tweet responding to sexual harassment, it definitely seemed like Taylor wanted to make a point.

A lot of people watching the game at home hopped on Twitter to say how uncomfortable they thought the interview was:



This whole thing was just weird.

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