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Trump Supporters Mistakenly Blasted LeVar Burton After LaVar Ball’s CNN Interview (TWEETS)

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Over the past week, LaVar Ball and President Donald Trump have engaged in a back and forth battle over Trump stating he should’ve left the three UCLA players in a Chinese jail after LaVar wouldn’t give him the proper thanks for helping out his son and teammates who were all arrested for stealing out of 4 high-end stores.

LaVar Ball then ended up doing a CNN interview on Monday that completely went off the rails as Lavar was defensive during the entire interview and walked around answering questions about what Trump said about him.

Following that castophre of an interview, a few Trump supports took to Twitter, entered LaVar’s name and blasted him for talking about their president. Only problem here is that they blasted LeVar Burton, who had nothing to do with it.

Here’s LeVar pointing out one of the tweets he kept getting: