NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook: 2014 Week 2 Wrap-Up

We’re just two weeks into the 2014 NFL season and already we’ve been treated to plenty of surprises.

In addition to seeing 2013 basement dweller like the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Texans get off to a 2-0 start, this season has also seen 2013 playoff teams like the New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, and the Kansas City Chiefs get off to 0-2 starts.

Who would have thought?  Not the NFL’s quarterbacks, that’s for sure.  See what they have to say about the opening couple of weeks in the latest edition of the NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook, courtesy of ProFootballMock (check them out for more hilarious mock football convos):

2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 1 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 2 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 3 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 4 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 5 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 6 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 7 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 8 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 9 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 10 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 11 2014 QB Convo Week 1 - 12


Expect to See The Following Sports Moments Unfold This Fall

Aaron Rodgers the drop

Sports fans across North America will tell you that the fall season is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year.  Not only is it a time when our Saturdays and Sundays are taken over by the madness that is NCAA and NFL football, but it is also the season that is synonymous with the beginning of the NHL and NBA seasons, as well as the MLB’s World Series—which is referred to by most as “The Fall Classic.”

Because of this sudden influx of popular sporting events, it can be tough to keep track of everything that is going on in the sports world throughout the fall months.  Luckily for us, the people at “The Drop,” by Champs Sports, have put together some predictions for the fall season in an effort to inform us about what is happening in sports before it even happens.

Their predictions range from the obvious (like Aaron Rodgers lighting up NFL secondaries), to the unimaginable (like the Buffalo Bills actually surprising us by being a good football team).  To check out all of their sports predictions for the fall season, visit The Drop here.

The NFL Simpsonized by Bleacher Report (Pics)

NFL Simpsonized

The NFL and The Simpsons have been the source of two of Fox’s most popular television programs over the past couple of decades.  So Bleacher Report and artist Adrien Noterdaem collaborated to do the obvious thing and mash the two together to create “The NFL Simpsonized.”

The NFL Simpsonized recreates popular players from the National Football League in The Simpsons form, and the results are pretty awesome.

Most of the pieces from the NFL Simpsonized collection are pretty standard.

There’s Peyton Manning doing one of his classic Manning Faces…

Peyton Manning

There’s Tom Brady looking handsome…

Tom Brady

There’s Marshawn Lynch with a pack of Skittles in his hand…

Marshawn Lynch

And there’s even Colin Kaepernick doing his patented Kaepernicking pose…

Colin Kaepernick

And then, for some strange reason, there’s Jay Cutler smoking a butt…

Jay Cutler

Even though I’ve never seen it, for some reason smoking a butt on the football field seems like something that is sooooo Jay Cutler.  So kudos to Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem for thinking about it and applying it to their collection of The NFL Simpsonized images.

As for the rest of the images from The NFL Simpsonized, by Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem, you can check them out below:

Robert Griffin III

J.J. Watt

NFL Simpsonized Richard Sherman

NFL Simpsonized Jimmy Graham



NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook: 2014 Week 1 Wrap-Up

Week one of the 2014 NFL season is in the books.  There were some notable upsets (like the Bills and Dolphins beating the Bears and Patriots, respectively), some close calls (see the Eagles and Steelers’ victories), two overtime games, and a total of eight games decided by a single touchdown or less.

So what were the quarterbacks of the NFL saying after this action packed week one?  You can find out by checking out the latest edition of the NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook, courtesy of ProFootballMock.

Check it out:

NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1 NFL Quarterback Conversation Week 1

Here’s Peyton Manning’s Mock Text Convo With Wes Welker About His Drug Suspension

Wes Welkers‘ suspension following a positive test for amphetamines has been one of the most popular topics of conversation around the NFL this week.  And while Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would rather not talk much about the loss of his reliable wide receiver with the media, it doesn’t mean he isn’t privately discussing the matter with Welker.

You can see exactly what Manning had to say to Welker by checking out their text message conversation below (via ProFootballMock):

Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 1 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 2 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 3 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 4 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 5 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 6 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 7 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 8 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 9 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 10 Manning-Welker Drug Text Convo 11

“Mean Tweets NFL Edition” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Features Erin Andrews, T. O. and Others (Video)

Mean Tweets NFL Edition Clay Matthews

Social media has done many great things for society, but it has also come with its fair share of negative effects—one of those being the scrutiny and hateful comments that can easily be delivered from one individual to another.  No one reminds us of that very fact better than Jimmy Kimmel, who enlightened us with “Mean Tweets NFL Edition” during his late night talk show last night.

In this edition of “Mean Tweets,” Kimmel enlisted the services of NFL superstars like Terrell Suggs, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Vernon Davis, and Clay Matthews.  And in addition to those current stars, we also get to hear some mean tweets from a few former players like Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson, as well as Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews.

You can see these and other NFL personalities read their own mean tweets by checking out “Mean Tweets NFL Edition” below:

Hat Tip – [Jimmy Kimmel]

Here’s the Only Preview of Tonight’s NFL Season Opener Between the Seahawks and Packers You Need to See (Video)

Packers-Seahawks preview

We’re less than five hours away from the highly anticipated 2014 NFL Season Opener between the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the four-time Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

At this point, you may find yourself scrambling to catch up on all of the offseason moves as you attempt to figure out which team is more likely to win you some cash if you bet on them tonight.  Well, if that sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have a way to save you some time: Just check out the Week One edition of the “NFL Prediction Showcase” below:

Okay, so that probably didn’t help you make a decision.  In fact, it may have caused you even more confusion.

If so, I’m sorry.  Here’s a better prediction for you: Seahawks 28, Packers 24.

NFL Quarterback Conversation on Facebook: 2014 Regular Season Preview

Are you ready for some football?  The quarterbacks of the NFL are!

So while most of the 32 NFL starting quarterbacks give their fingers a valuable break from social media and gear up for week one of the 2014 season, the backups have hijacked the latest edition of the NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook, brought to us courtesy of ProFootballMock.

You can see what the likes of Kirk Cousins, Mark Sanchez, and Johnny Manziel (yes, even Johnny Clipboard makes an appearance) have to say below:

2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 1 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 2 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 3 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 4 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 5 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 6 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 7 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 8 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 9 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 10 2014 NFL QB Convo Season Preview 11


Marshawn Lynch Uses Skittles to Get Ready for the NFL Season (Video)

Marshawn Lynch Skittles workout

If Marshawn Lynch has taught us anything, it’s that Skittles can be used for more than just satisfying your sweet tooth.

They can be the medium chosen by an artist for a specific work of art.  They can be hurled at a football player to celebrate a touchdown.  And, as we recently found out, they can be used by a Pro Bowl running back to prepare for another grueling NFL season.

Just watch how Marshawn Lynch is getting ready for the Seattle Seahawks’ upcoming title defense:

I wonder who got to eat all of those Skittles after they finished shooting this video.

New Zealand Basketball Team Performs Haka Prior to FIBA World Cup Match vs. USA (Video)

New Zealand basketball haka

We’re used to seeing New Zealand athletes perform the Haka on a rugby field, but on a basketball court?  Yeah, that just seems strange.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out the looks on Derrick Rose and James Harden‘s faces as the New Zealand men’s basketball team performs their traditional ancestral war dance prior to today’s FIBA World Cup match-up against the USA:

In case you were wondering, this attempt at intimidating their opponents didn’t work so well, as the USA emerged with a rather easy 98-71 victory.

NFL Quarterback Conversation on Facebook: 2014 Preseason Rookies Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Fantasy football draft season is upon us, while NFL teams are in the thick of their preseason schedules as they gear up for the 2014 regular season. It is an exciting time for we the fans, but it is also a pretty special time for this year’s crop of NFL rookies.  Just don’t expect the vets to allow these rookies to enjoy their ascension to the professional ranks too much.

Find out what Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and the others are doing to make things tough on this year’s rookie class in the latest NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook, courtesy of

2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 1 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 2 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 3 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 4 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 5 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 6 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 7 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 8 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 9 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 10 2014 QB Convo Preseason Rookies 11

Argentina Fan Says “F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy” During Live CityNews Report in Toronto (Video)


After watching their nation’s soccer team fall to Germany 1-0 in extra time at today’s FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil, Argentina fans in Toronto still took to the streets to celebrate their country’s second place finish.

And in addition to singing, dancing, and waving their Argentine flags with pride, the festivities also featured yet another instance where a World Cup interview was crashed by some dude who couldn’t resist the urge to say “f*ck her right in the pussy” on live television.

Similar to last time, this “f*ck her right in the p*ssy” also came from CityNews in Toronto, with Stella Acquisto holding it down on the mic on this occasion.

Props to Stella for holding back the urge to deliver a right hook to the back of the dude’s head (even though we all would have enjoyed that).  Now that’s professionalism!

Check it out:

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Here’s the Official Ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals (Pic)

adidas brazuca world cup finals ball

We know the two teams that will be playing in Sunday’s highly anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup Final—Argentina and Germany—and now we know which ball they’ll be playing with, thanks to the official Adidas Brazuca Twitter account.

Check it out:

Germany’s Five First Half Goals Have Brazilian Fans Crying During World Cup Semi-Final (Videos)

crying brazil fan

Even after Neymar was diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae and ruled out for the tournament, the people of Brazil still had high hopes in their nation’s soccer team’s chances of winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup on home soil…

Not anymore.

Those high hopes were dashed before halftime of today’s semi-final match against Germany, as goals by Thomas Müller, Miroslav Klose, Sami Khedira, and two from Toni Kroos have the Germans leading Brazil by a score of 5-0 after 45 minutes.  And as you’d probably expect, that result has left many of the host country’s fans in tears.

Here’s two of the sulking Brazil fans that were caught on camera—but believe me, there were plenty more of them:


USMNT Eliminated From World Cup Following 2-1 Loss to Belgium (Videos)

USA Belgium World cup

Well, it’s over.  The USMNT are going home.

In yet another World Cup Round of 16 match that needed extra time (the second of the day and fifth of the tournament), the USA Men’s National Soccer Team found themselves on the wrong end of a thrilling 2-1 battle with Belgium today, ending their 2014 World Cup run.

During a game that saw them get out-shot by a ridiculous margin (38-14 shots and 27-9 shots on goal), the USA managed to hang on and take the game into extra time after both teams failed to score during the opening 90 minutes.  However, the U.S. couldn’t keep a persistent Belgian attack off the scoreboard for much longer, as Kevin De Bruyne opened the scoring just three minutes into the first extra frame:

And not long after, extra time substitute Romelu Lukaku used his fresh legs to score Belgium’s second goal of the game.

At that point, it seemed like Belgium were all but assured a victory; however, to the USMNT’s credit, they didn’t make things easy on their counterparts, issuing an all-out offensive attack.

And in the 107th minute, they cut the Belgian lead in half thanks to this spectacular goal from another substitute, Julian Green:

Unfortunately, that was as close as they would get, as the USMNT exit their second straight World Cup in the Round of 16.

I guess Rihanna has to start looking for a new team to root against.