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MLB Suspends Mets Pitcher Jenrry Mejia For Life After 3rd Positive PED Test

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets

Three strikes and you’re out!

That’s the treatment Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia is getting from Major League Baseball after he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs for the third time in less than 12 months.

The MLB announced that the substance detected in Mejia’s test was Boldenone.  The 26-year-old reliever was suspended twice last season for PEDs—he got 80 games on April 11 for stanozolol, and 162 games on July 28 for stanozolol and Boldenone.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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Cam Newton on Instagram: “I Will Win…My Way”

Earlier today, Cam Newton took to social media for the first time since his team’s 24-10 loss at Super Bowl 50.  And unlike his SB 50 performance, his Instagram post did not disappoint.

That’s Cam Newton, beside a picture of Muhammad Ali, wearing an “I Win My Way” t-shirt (which he appears to be selling here), thanking the Panthers fans, before ending his message with, “iW1LL W1N… MY WAY… and hope to iNSP1REüALLtoW1N…. ürWAY!”

“I Will Win…My Way”? I can’t wait to see what happens once Cam’s critics get a hold of this.

Seahawks Players Believe Marshawn Lynch Will NOT Retire, May Just Skip Off-Season

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers

If the following is true, we may not have seen the last of Marshawn Lynch in the NFL:

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, some of Beast Mode’s Seattle teammates believe that he will have second thoughts about his retirement, suggesting the Seahawks running back may try to work his way back into the league next fall after skipping most of the off-season schedule.

Lynch signed a three-year, $31-million contract last offseason, although both parties knew that there was a good possibility that he would retire after the first year of the contract.  Should Lynch stay retired, the Seahawks could ask that he pays back $5-million of his signing bonus.  While it is believed that they likely won’t pursue the unearned money, if Lynch does decide to return with another team next season, it could make for an interesting (and somewhat sticky) situation.

As for Lynch’s possible destinations next season (should he return), Seattle remains a possibility; however, it is believed that they will “tread lightly on Lynch”–no surprise, considering how good rookie running back Thomas Rawls looked when called upon last season.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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Matt Forte Announces Bears Will Not Re-Sign Him on Instagram

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

After eight successful seasons with the “Monsters of the Midway,” it appears as though the relationship between Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears is about to come to an end.

The two-time Pro Bowl running back made the announcement on his Instagram account earlier today, saying he was informed by the team’s front office that they will not be re-signing him, before thanking the organization and its fans.

Here’s a transcript:

Despite my wishes, my days as a member of the Chicago Bears have sadly come to an end. I was informed earlier this week from the GM that they will not be attempting to re-sign me in free agency. I will remain forever grateful for my time spent in Chicago and being able to play for an organization with such a rich history. My only regret is not being able to win a Lombardi trophy for the best fans in all of sports. I’m excited about the next chapter of my NFL career. But, Chicago will always be home. God Bless and Bear Down!

And the Instagram post itself:

Forte is coming off a season in which he recorded a career-low 898 rushing yards and 1,287 total yards.  He missed three games due to injury in 2015, after missing a total of just five games in his previous seven seasons with the Bears.

The Bears drafted the dual-threat running back out of Tulane with the 44th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.  In eight seasons with the club he accumulated 8,602 rushing yards, 4,116 receiving yards, and 64 total touchdowns.  Chicago is expected to move on with 2015 4th round pick Jeremy Langford, while Forte should receive plenty of interest on the open market despite being 30-years-old (which is ancient in running back years).

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Lamar Odom Makes Public Appearance at Kanye West’s Fashion Show (Pics + Vids)

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Front Row

A few days ago, we told you about Lamar Odom‘s miraculous recovery, which has allowed him to regain his ability to walk and speak, despite doctors’ beliefs that he may never be able to do either following his drug overdose back in October.

Today we have more evidence of Odom’s recovery, as the former Lakers star was in attendance for Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Week show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night.

Odom was accompanied by members of the Kardashian and Jenner family, including his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian. According to US Weekly, he received a thunderous ovation from the crowd as Kanye walked him to his seat. And during the show he could be seen sporting a smile on his face while singing along to many of West’s new tracks from his upcoming album, T.L.O.P.

Here’s a look at some footage of Odom at the show (via US Weekly):

And here are some images (via Getty):

This Soccer Dive Is Just The Worst (Video)

David Pasquel flop

I’m not sure who should be more embarrassed here: Valencia defender David Pasquel for this ridiculous dive during a UEFA Youth League game against Celtic, or the referee for actually buying the flop and calling a foul on Celtic’s Jack Aitchison?


Hat Tip – [Who Ate All The Pies?]

Former Coach Jim Fassel Says Carolina Lost SB 50 Because of Cam Newton’s Gold Shoes (Audio)

Panthers v Giants

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard so far today?  Whatever it may be, it’s about to be surpassed by this bunch of nonsense that came from the mouth of former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel while speaking on Mile High Sports 1340:

Via PFT:

“All of the numbers pointed to Carolina. And when I saw Cam Newton walk out in gold shoes — ‘MVP’ — I switched my mind, essentially, right then,” Fassel said on Mile High Sports 1340. “I said, ‘That’s not what a starting quarterback, MVP, leading his team — and I had a lot of respect for him during the season — that’s not what happens.’ You don’t do that. And I said, ‘This guy’s already become soft,’ and that’s what he was.”

Seriously, Jim? Newton’s shoes?

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos

You can blame Cam’s attitude, or his reluctance to dive on that fumble late in the fourth quarter, but please leave his gold MVP cleats out of this.

Listen to Fassel’s entire interview below:

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Magic Johnson Tried to Convince Peyton Manning to Join the Rams on Fallon Last Night (Video)

Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson

If Peyton Manning does decide to return for another NFL season, there’s a good chance it won’t be with the Denver Broncos.

If not in Denver or at home on his couch, then where could we be seeing Peyton in 2016?…Los Angeles, perhaps?

That’s what former Lakers great Magic Johnson is hoping for.  After being the first person to buy season tickets for the Los Angeles Rams’ upcoming season, Magic took advantage of last night’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to try and convince Jimmy’s other guest, Peyton Manning, to join the Rams next season.

Will it work?  Only time will tell.  Check it out:

And after that, the two sports legends took part in a friendly game of Egg Russian Roulette:

LA Clippers Players Beat (Stab?) Paul Pierce During Pregame Into in Boston (Video)

Clippers Stab Paul Pierce

Things got weird during the pregame introductions at the TD Garden last night, as the Los Angeles Clippers playfully attacked Paul Pierce when he was introduced to the Boston crowd prior to their game against the Celtics.

Upon first glance, it appeared to be nothing more than a playful beating for the 38-year-old forward who spent 15 season in Boston and led them to an NBA championship in 2008.  However, as Deadspin points out, it is very likely that this had something to do with the time that Pierce was stabbed 11 times in a Boston nightclub back in 2000.

I’ll let you be the judge.  Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


Cam Newton Can Learn From Russell Wilson’s Post-Game Presser After Super Bowl XLIX Loss (Video)

Russell Wilson Super Bowl press conference

I’ll be honest.  I’m not buying all of this hoopla regarding Cam Newton and his lack of class and sportsmanships because he didn’t want to stick around and answer the same stupid questions after losing Super Bowl 50.

The dude just lost the biggest game of his life, not to mention the fact that there was a Broncos player sitting just a few feet away from him, gloating loudly about how they shut Cam down and dismantled the Panthers offense.  How do you expect Newton to feel?  Happy?  Should the Panthers quarterback have simply sat there with a smile on his face and pretended everything was cool?

He did his job.  He showed up to speak with reporters after the game.  And when he felt he’d had enough of the meaningless back-and-forth with the media, he respectfully stood up and left.  He didn’t insult anyone.  He didn’t blow a gasket or go on an epic tirade.  He just got up and exited the room.  But trashing Cam Newton had become a recurring theme this season, so everyone decided to take advantage of this one final opportunity to attack Cam’s attitude before heading into the offseason.

However, with all of that being said, there probably was a better manner in which Cam could have handled his Super Bowl 50 post-game press conference.  If he’s looking for an example of exactly what that manner may be, look no further than Russell Wilson‘s post-game press conference after he threw the interception that cost his team last year’s Super Bowl:

Seems like the entire world wants Cam Newton to be more like Russell Wilson, but I’m perfectly cool with Cam continuing to be Cam.

Never change, Cam.

Peyton Manning Talks to Fallon About Brother Eli’s Super Bowl Reaction (Video)

Peyton Manning on Fallon - Eli Sad Face

We’ve already heard Eli Manning‘s explanation for his lack of reaction to the Denver Broncos’ touchdown that clinched a second Super Bowl title for his brother, Peyton.

But what about Peyton Manning himself?  By now he must have seen the bummed-out look on Eli’s face after C.J. Anderson punched the ball into the end zone to give the Broncos a 22-10 lead late in the fourth quarter.  What did he think of it all?

We now have an answer to that question after the Broncos quarterback joined Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to talk about Eli’s Super Bowl sad face.

Check it out:

Phoenix Suns Players Fight on the Bench During Timeout vs. the Warriors (Video)

Phoenix Suns bench fight

The Golden State Warriors have been able to frustrate most of the teams they’ve played this season.  The Phoenix Suns were just their latest victims–although, the Suns’ frustrations seemed to reach new heights when a fight broke out between teammates Markieff Morris and Archie Goodwin during a first quarter timeout.

That embarrassing incident aside, the Suns were actually able to keep this one respectable, losing by only eight points to the first place Warriors, 112-104.


Controversy? Super Bowl Replay Assistant Was From Denver, Wife a Broncos Fan (Pics)

Super Bowl Replay Assistant

The NFL has had their fair share of officiating controversies over the course of the past season.  And it’s beginning to look like the Super Bowl was just the latest instance of such.

Earlier today we told you about the missed offside call on the Panthers’ missed field-goal at the start of the third quarter–a botched call that Broncos coach Gary Kubiak also acknowledge during the game.

And then there was Panthers cornerback Josh Norman, who claimed that his team was playing both the Broncos and the refs on Sunday.

Now, there’s a report circulating that Jimmy Oldham, the replay assistant assigned to Super Bowl 50 by the NFL, is actually a resident of Denver.  And his wife is an avid Broncos fan.

Here’s the evidence, via the Facebook account of Oldham’s wife (obtained by The Lead Sports):

Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 1 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 2 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 3 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 4 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 5

Does this mean Jimmy Oldham had a part in helping the Broncos win the Super Bowl? Does it explain why the officials refused to overturn an incomplete ruling on what appeared to be a Jerricho Cotchery catch in the first quarter? Certainly not.

The replay assistant is not responsible for making any rulings on coach’s challenges or any other replay reviews. Rather, they simply assist the referee in his decisions. So Oldham was not the one making the final call.

At the same time, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that Jimmy Oldham may have had at least somewhat of an influence on the head referee’s final ruling, which begs the question, “What the heck was he doing there in the first place?”

How does the NFL not look into stuff like this? How do they even begin to explain their decision to allow a Denver resident, with a wife who is clearly a Broncos fan, to be a part of the officiating crew for a Super Bowl that involves the Denver Broncos?

My conclusion to all of this? The Broncos still deserved to win the game, and the fact that there was a Denver resident on the officiating crew doesn’t change that one bit.

However, I still believe that Jerricho Cotchery did not drop the ball, but the NFL sure as hell did.

Hat Tip – [The Lead Sports]

Chad Johnson Says He Used Teammates’ Warm Urine to Heal Ankle Injuries (Video)

Chad Johnson urine remedy

Got an ankle injury?  Soak it in some warm urine.  It seemed to work for Chad Johnson during his 11 season in the NFL.

Johnson, a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco, missed just six games in ten seasons following his rookie year, and he never missed more than three games in a single season.

What’s his secret?  “Warm urine from my teammates, heated up.”

That’s what he told Mike & Mike earlier today while appearing on the show with Terrell Owens. Check it out:

Disgusting, but apparently effective at the same time.  Keep that in mind next time you’re dealing with an ankle injury of your own.