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Florida Gators Players Taunt Tennessee Fans, Flip Them The Double-Bird (VIDEO)

Gators Double Bird

Over the weekend, the Florida Gators kicked off their SEC schedule by beating the Tennessee Volunteers in epic fashion—with a 63-yard Hail Mary on the final play for a 26-20 victory.

It was the most exciting finish from what would turn out to be an exciting weekend of college football. When Tyrie Cleveland hauled in that pass from Feleipe Franks in the end zone, the Swamp erupted. Gators players and fans began their frenzied celebration.  And for two Gators players—freshman DB McArthur Burnett and freshman QB Kyle Trask—the celebration included some Gator chomps and double-birds in the faces of the Volunteers fans (who were also flipping some double-birds of their own.

Here’s a look at the footage:

And the Facebook video’s caption:

I hate that we lost but at least our players don’t represent our team like this. I love a rivalry but be classy about it

EDIT: I know our fans have done questionable things. They shouldn’t have peed on the tebow statue but I’m not saying this over and over again: players are supposed to be controlled by coaches and fans are not. This is a representation of the control Jim Mcelwain and staff has on its players. If this was a Tennessee player I would be embarrassed. Athletes are held to a higher standard.

Personal opinion: Blasting the opposing team’s players for dancing in front of you and flipping you the bird while you flip the bird back at them seems pretty hypocritical. These are college kids enjoying a heated rivalry. No one was hurt (besides maybe some feelings). Everyone lived. Get over it.

Florida Beats Tennessee On Last Second Hail Mary (VIDEO)

Florida Hail Mary

The Florida Gators took a while to score their first offensive touchdown of the 2017 college football season, but by the time their SEC contest against the Tennessee Volunteers had ended, they had two of them.  And one just so happened to come on the final play of the game—a 63-yard bomb from Feleipe Franks to Tyrie Cleveland to give the Gators a 26-20 victory.

Tennessee had just finished pulling of an improbable comeback of their own, and they were just one more defensive stop away from overtime.  But they were beat by this Hail Mary:

J.J. Watt Seals Victory With MASSIVE Hit On Bengals’ 310-Pound Lineman (VIDEO)

JJ Watt Hit

The Houston Texans were only one tackle away from securing their first win of the season on Thursday Night Football.

Leave it to J.J. Watt.

With the Bengals down by one on their own 20-yard-line on the final play of the game, they were forced to continue lateraling the ball and hope for the best.  They managed to get a few laterals off, but then the ball landed in the hands of center Russell Bodine, and that’s when Watt put an end to the festivities by burying the 310-pounder into the ground.

Talk about ending the game with authority!

Texans Rookie QB Deshaun Watson Hangin’ With Porn Star Mia Khalifa (VIDEO)

Deshaun Watson Mia

Today is Deshaun Watson‘s birthday.  How’s he celebrating?  Well, for one, he’ll be starting in his first NFL contest tonight when the Houston Texans visit the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football.

And if things go well tonight, hopefully he’ll have some time to celebrate his first NFL victory and his 22nd birthday with former porn star Mia Khalifa.

The two have apparently been spending some time with each other, and Khalifa even posted a clip from one of their recent “get togethers” on Twitter, along with a birthday message for the rookie QB:

Just friends? More? If Watson’s legs look a little wobbly tonight, I guess we’ll all have our answer.

Sign Reading “Racism Is As American As Baseball” Appears on Green Monster at Fenway Park (PICS)

Red Sox Racism Sign

Controversy struck tonight’s game between the Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, as fans seated atop the Green Monster hung a sign reading “Racism Is As American As Baseball” during the fourth inning.

According to the Boston Globe, the sign was draped on the Green Monster for a few minutes before the fans were escorted out of the ballpark. Not word yet on whether this is an endorsement or condemnation of racism, but I’m going to hope it’s the latter…

Although, this is Boston we’re talking about here.

Social Media Shared Their CRAZIEST Week 1 NFL Fantasy Stories; Here Are The Best (TWEETS)


We’re only one week into the 2017 Fantasy Football season, and already we’ve been treated to some trademark performances, and a slew of devastating injuries.  Yes, panic mode has already settled in for some, while others are likely on cloud nine after a strong start to their campaign.

Social media took a moment yesterday to share some of their craziest stories from week one of the fantasy football season, and some of them were pure gold.

Perhaps the best fantasy story from week one comes via Twitter user @lilobets, who needed just three more yards from Melvin Gordon on Monday night:

Heartbreaking, but that’s not even the best part. What makes this so great is the fact that Melvin Gordon actually saw what had happened to @lilobets, and he offered an apology: 

That move right there just catapulted Gordon to the top of my way-too-early 2018 fantasy football rankings.

Let’s check out some of the other crazy stories from week one.

That final blocked field-goal by the Denver defense on Monday night seemed to have a big effect on a number of fantasy contests:

Some were screwed over by acts of god and the American judicial system…

…while others seemed to benefit from it:

It sounds like the Cleveland Browns manage this fantasy team. LOL:

Kareem Hunt was also making a big difference in week one contests everywhere:

HAHAHAHA, Aden! That sucks!

Of course, with football back, so too is the epic trolling:

And finally, not everyone’s “fantasies” are of the football variety (even though they should be during this time of year). Some were kind enough to share their other fantasies:

Good luck in week 2, everyone!

Internet Reacts to David Johnson’s Dislocated Wrist (TWEETS)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Ever since David Johnson was forced to leave the Arizona Cardinals’ game against the Detroit Lions yesterday due to a wrist injury, the fantasy world has been holding their collective breath. We’ve all been waiting for some news regarding the status of fantasy football’s hottest commodity, and today we got it.

And it does not sound good.

The latest reports state that Johnson suffered a dislocated wrist and will likely need surgery.  With his recovery timetable expected to be anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, the Cardinals have also said that a trip to the IR is likely.

So there you have it. The number one draft pick in most fantasy football drafts this season, pretty much done for the year after only half a game.  Needless to say, the internet had some thoughts about this.

Here’s what they had to say:

Georgia’s Terry Godwin Makes INSANE OBJ-Like Catch For TD vs. Notre Dame (VIDEOS)

Terry Godwin catch

In one of several marquee match-ups during tonight’s incredible slate of college football games, we were treated to one of the marquee plays of the 2017 NCAA football season.

It came during the second quarter of a matchup between No. 15 Georgia and No. 24 Notre Dame. With the Bulldogs facing a 3rd-and-goal deep in Fighting Irish territory, quarterback Jake Fromm lofted a pass in the end zone to wide receiver Terry Godwin, who leaped back and used one hand to haul in the incredible touchdown reception.

You may not see a more impressive catch all season.  Check it out:

After initially being ruled incomplete, refs reviewed the play and reversed the call on the field.

Touchdown, Georgia.

Florida Business Trolls Jaguars With Hurricane Irma Sign (PIC)

Sad Jags

It’s tough to maintain a sense of humor knowing that a deadly hurricane is bearing down on your hometown, but some Floridians have shown an ability to have a bit of a laugh in the face of Hurricane Irma.

Take this Florida accounting firm, for example. They used their ad sign to take a little shot at the Jacksonville Jaguars with a witty hurricane joke:

There’s nothing funny about a category 5 hurricane…except for maybe the football jokes it inspires.

Lamar Jackson 75-Yard TD Pass Is a Thing of Beauty (VIDEO)

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is making his case to be the first quarterback selected in the 2018 NFL Draft.

During No. 17 ranked Louisville’s week 2 contest against the North Carolina Tar Heels, the sophomore quarterback escaped from pressure in the pocket and connected with wide receiver Jaylen Smith for a 75-yard touchdown strike.

Check it out:

Not only can he run, but he can also sling it 50-yards downfield and make it look so effortless.  If he keeps making plays like this, he could move to the top of every NFL team’s draft board by next April.

UNC QB Fumbles For a Loss of 30 Yards During Hilariously Ugly Play (VIDEO)

UNC Fumble

North Carolina quarterback Chazz Surratt has been playing well halfway through his team’s home contest against No. 17 Louisville.  The freshman threw two touchdown passes in the first half, but he also experienced some growing pains during this epic blunder that resulted in a 30-yard loss:

The official ruling on the play was a sack for a loss of 30 yards, a fumble, and a recovery by UNC for no gain. That brought up a 3rd and 34 from the UNC 23. The Tar Heels were forced to punt on the next play.

Report: Joe Paterno Knew Jerry Sandusky Sexually Abused Children in 2001

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

More revelations from the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal have come to light and they do not look good for deceased former Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

According to Pennsylvania state police documents obtained by CNN, Paterno claimed he had been told Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children as early as 2001.

The report states that Paterno’s former assistant, Mike McQueary, approached the Nittany Lions coach after witnessing Sanducky sexually abusing a child back in 2001.  That’s when Paterno told McQueary that it was the second time he had been informed of such actions by his team’s defensive coordinator.


In February 2001, McQueary, who was a graduate assistant coach at the time, went to Paterno the morning after allegedly seeing, according to the police report obtained by CNN, “an extreme sexual act occurring between Sandusky and a young boy” late on a Friday night in a team shower.

According to the police report, McQueary’s account was that “Paterno, upon hearing the news, sat back in his chair with a dejected look on his face” and that the Hall of Fame coach’s “eyes appeared to well up with tears.”

McQueary’s statements were documented during the Pennsylvania state police’s investigation into the Sandusky scandal back in 2011.

Sanducky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse in 2012 and is currently serving his 30-60 year prison sentence. As for Paterno, he passed away in 2012, shortly after being fired from Penn State as a result of his involvement (or lack thereof) in the matter.

Best ‘College GameDay’ Signs From Week 2 At Ohio State (PICS)

It’s week two of the 2017 college football season.  Week one provided us with plenty of excitement, and this weekend’s action is already off to a great start thanks to some awesome ‘College GameDay’ signs from their visit to Ohio State ahead of tonight’s marquee matchup between the Buckeyes and the Oklahoma Sooners.

Some fans even took the opportunity to take a stab at former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, who made an appearance on the College GameDay set.

Here are some of the best fan signs from Columbus:

Marquise Goodwin’s Inspirational Words For 11-Year-Old With Brain Tumor Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

Marquise Goodwin

Over that past couple of weeks, we’ve been reminded that not all NFL players are domestic abusers.  Most of them are actually amazing individuals who do plenty to help out their community and those in need.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen J.J. Watt raise an astounding $20-million for his Hurricane Harvey relief fund.  And this week, we were treated to an amazing moment between 11-year-old Austin DeMello and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, which the Niners shared on their Twitter account:

Austin, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, had just signed a deal with the 49ers as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  You can read more about his battle at Austin’s YouCaring Crowdfunding page here.

As for Goodwin, he’s all too familiar with these types of difficult circumstances in life.

His younger sister, Deja, was born three months premature.  Weighing only three pounds and being unable to breathe on her own, doctors gave her only six months, but she beat the odds and appeared to be on the road towards a normal life.  Then, at the age of two, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and lost her ability to use her arms and legs as a result of an acute stiffing in her muscles.

Says Goodwin about his sister (via the Democrat & Chronicle), “When I look at her, and what she’s dealt with her whole life, my situation is very small.”

Marquise Goodwin. Great athlete.  Even greater human being.

Hat Tip – [Purpose2Play]

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill Was WAY Offside on 75-Yard TD Reception (PIC + VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

This half-a-foot probably wasn’t the difference between Tyreek Hill being covered or wide open downfield during his 75-yard touchdown reception, but it’s still a pretty big no-call, nonetheless.

With the line of scrimmage set about an inch short of the Kansas City 25-yard-line, the Chiefs wide receiver could be seen lining up with his foot well beyond that mark.

Check it out:

Hill offside

Like I said earlier, that half-a-foot wouldn’t have helped Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore in coverage, but it still could have been called back, negating the 75-yard score and preventing the Chiefs from taking their first score of the game.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to do anything about this.  The Chiefs were the better team and won the game, 42-27, while the Patriots start the season 0-1 and will probably go on to win the Super Bowl.

Here’s another look at the Tyreek Hill Touchdown: