Kevin Hart Races Adrian Peterson in 40-Yard Dash (Video)

Kevin Hart races Adrian Peterson

You’d think any time Kevin Hart races Adrian Peterson, the Vikings running back should win that battle by at least 10 yards.  But that’s not exactly the case.

Hart and AP recently hooked up for a mini track meet in the middle of a street in Austin, Texas, and the result was a lot closer that you, I, or anyone else would have imagined.

Check it out:

Kevin Hart is only 5’4″, so the dude doesn’t even have a long stride to help him out.

As an owner of Adrian Peterson in at least one of my fantasy football keeper leagues, this worries me.


Odell Beckham Sets Record For One-Handed Catches in a Minute (Video)

Odell Beckham record for one-handed catches

You probably weren’t aware of this, but there actually is a world record for most one-handed catches in a minute with a football.  The previous record was 10, but that was before Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham took his shot at it.

On Thursday, with the help of Drew Brees throwing him the ball, Odell Beckham made 33 one-handed catches in a minute, easily breaking the old mark set by someone we’ve probably never heard of.

What’s even more amazing than the record itself is the fact that Beckham didn’t drop a single pass that was thrown to him throughout the entire 60 seconds.  At one point, the two of them actually ran out of balls and Beckham had to toss the football back to Brees after making his one-handed catches.  Impressive stuff.

Watch as Odell Beckham breaks the world record for one-handed catches in a minute:


Porn Audio Plays On Fox Sports During Predators Game (Video)

Take a look, and a listen:

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There are plenty of things you expect to see or hear during a hockey game that you may not want to expose your children to.  Fighting and f-bombs are just a few of those things.  The sounds of a woman screaming during sexual intercourse  is not.

But wouldn’t you know it, during Thursday night’s game between the Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues, Fox Sports Tennessee aired some porn audio in the background of their telecast.

It was awkward and hilarious at the same time. Take a look, and a listen to video #2:

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Sounds like someone at Fox Sports Tennessee was excited to watch the Central Division’s top two teams face off. Though, they probably didn’t find the final result to be as pleasurable—a 5-4 shootout victory for the Blues.

Hat Tip – [The Roosevelts]

Swiss League Hockey Fight Results In Lots Of Blood (Video)

Swiss League Hockey Fight

The Swiss League hockey fight in the video below comes from a game between HC Ambri-Piotta and SC Bern.

First, I’ll let you watch the massacre, then I’ll explain. Check it out:

The dude in the yellow jersey with lots of blood at the end of the fight is Bern’s Tristan Scherwey. One Redditor described him as “the Swiss league’s (Brad) Marchand.” That explains why the dude in the blue jersey, Ambri’s Paolo Duca, was so quick to attack Scherwey when he saw his goalie on the ice.

The fact of the matter is Scherwey was innocent.  He steered clear of the Ambri goalkeeper, was DDT’d by Ambri’s Reto Kobach, and then, while still stunned, he was brutally beaten by Duca.

The craziest thing about this entire incident is that Duca and Scherwey both received 25 minutes in penalties each…and that’s it.  No penalty to Kobach.  No extra penalties to Duca.  Just five-on-five hockey.

Check out a few images of the damage (WARNING: Lots of blood) and wonder how the refs managed to f*ck that one up:

Swiss League hockey fight Scherwey bloody face 1

Swiss League hockey fight Scherwey bloody face 2

No wonder Bern coach Guy Boucher was so pissed. And yes, that’s former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Guy Boucher.

Hat Tip – [Reddit and]




Katy Perry Press Conference at SB XLIX Includes Marshawn Lynch Reference (Video)

Katy Perry press conference super bowl

Katy Perry killed her Super Bowl XLIX press conference earlier today, giving the media everything they could have asked for, and then some.  In fact, you’d almost be tempted to say that it was the polar opposite of a Marshawn Lynch press conference.  The only problem with such a statement is that at one point, Katy Perry‘s Super Bowl press conference was exactly like a Marshawn Lynch press conference, as she mimicked the Seahawks running back while responding to a question about which players she may be interested in.

Check out Perry’s Lynch-esque performance:

Nailed it.  Great stuff, Katy.

You can check out the entire Katy Perry press conference at Super Bowl XLIX in the video below:

T-Wolves Troll Kevin Love With Awesome Promo For Game vs. Cavs (Video)

T-Wolves troll Kevin Love video

On Saturday, Kevin Love will make his first trip back to Minnesota since the offseason trade that sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins and some other useful pieces.

Kevin Love’s exit from Minny wasn’t exactly a ceremonious departure.  And the Timberwolves haven’t forgotten, although they seem to want everyone to think they have with their pump-up video for Saturday’s contest.

You can watch the T-Wolves troll Kevin Love in the video below:

Mike Miller player a season for the Minnesota Timberwolves?  Who knew?

If you’d like to witness #TheReturn, you can catch the Cavs vs. T-Wolves on Saturday at 8pm ET.

Hat Tip – [Minnesota Timberwolves]

Arian Foster Sets Stephen A. Smith Straight During Discussion on Marshawn Lynch (Video)

The media continues to grow more and more angry as Marshawn Lynch refuses to give them the type of answers they’re looking for during his press conferences.  So why do they continue to pester the Seattle Seahawks running back in the first place?

Consider the following:

  • The dude obviously doesn’t want to talk because he feels that playing football is his job, not talking to the media. (Vaild Point.)
  • He also refuses to say much because he knows that anything he says can be misconstrued or misinterpreted to negatively portray him, as is so often the case with athletes in the media. (Also a very valid point.)
  • And finally, if there are guys in the league who love to talk—like Richard Sherman, who is often criticized by the very same media for talking too much—do we really need to hear from the players who prefer not to talk at all? (And yet another valid point!)

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster and ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith debated this topic on First Take today.  During their debate, Smith went so far as to suggest that Lynch should be fined $20K every day by the NFL, while Foster defended his fellow Pro Bowl running back and every other player who is sick of answering the same stupid questions from reporters.

You can watch Arian Foster set Stephen A. Smith straight in the video up top.

Marshawn Lynch Speaks Out During Today’s Super Bowl Press Conference (Video)

Marshawn Lynch Speaks out Super Bowl press conference

For the third day in a row, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had to step up to a podium in front of a large number of reporters with microphones shoved in his face and answer their questions.  He hasn’t given much to the media in the previous two days (besides this great remix), but that hasn’t stopped their relentless pursuit at getting Marshawn Lynch to say something meaningful.

Today, Lynch said something meaningful, as he spent the first two minutes of his media session explaining why he doesn’t like to speak to the media.  And when that didn’t stop the reporters from asking questions, he resorted to some shout outs, including one to “the real Africans out there.”

It was the most the media has gotten from Marshawn Lynch in a long time. You can check out today’s five-minute media session in its entirety below:

Andy Murray’s Fiancee Kim Sears Goes On F-Bomb Tirade at Aussie Open (Video)

Tennis star Andy Murray has a fiancee.  Her name is Kim Sears.  She’s British, 27-years-old, and hot.

See for yourself:

Andy Murray's fiancee Kim Sears 1

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears play tennis on the beach in Bahamas

Andy Murray's fiancee Kim Sears 2

See!  I told you she was hot! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, Kim Sears has great hair, nice legs, and a stunning face, but her most impressive feature may be her potty mouth.  Watch her drop an epic f-bomb tirade on live television during Murray’s semifinal match against Tomas Berdych at the Australian Open:

I’m no lip reader, but I’m pretty sure she’s saying, “F*ck off you Czech f*cking f*ck.”  She must really love her man.  Andy Murray is one lucky dude.

Speaking of lucky, Murray went on to win the match, 6-7 (6-8), 6-0, 6-3, 7-5, so we’ll all get one more glimpse of Sears at the Aussie Open Final.  That should be fun.

Hat Tip – [Richard Osley]

Patriots’ Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off At Night…Again

Patriots' hotel fire alarm

Getting a good night’s sleep during Super Bowl Week can be difficult for the players playing in Sunday’s big game, as their nerves grow every day they get closer to taking part in Super Bowl XLIX.  Unfortunately for the Pats, they’ve had to deal with more than just nerves when trying to get some shuteye this week.

Specifically, they’ve had to deal with the Patriots’ hotel fire alarm, which went off at 2am Thursday morning—the second time it has gone off in the last three nights.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass public relations director Stephanie Sanstead says the fire alarm went off in the players’ wing of the hotel for approximately two minutes. It was a false alarm.

Has it been costing the Patriots some valuable sleep?  It probably has for some players, but not Tom Brady, who said “I must be sleeping through it. I slept great.”

You hear that, dude responsible for pulling the Patriots’ hotel fire alarm?  I know you gotta get up pretty early in the morning to throw Tom Brady off his game, but maybe 2am in the morning is a little too early.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

Atletico Madrid’s Arda Turan Throws Shoe At Ref, Earns Yellow Card (Video)

Arda Turan throws shoe ref

Who throws a shoe?  Turkish midfielder Arda Turan does when he’s mad at officials, that’s who.

Atletico Madrid were having a bad day already, as they were trailing Barcelona 3-2 in the game and 4-2 in aggregate during their Copa del Rey match at the Vicente Calderon.  In addition to being behind on the scoreboard, Atletico were also playing a man down after Gabi was shown a red card for insulting referee Jesus Gil in the tunnel at halftime.  And they should have been two men down after Arda Turan threw his shoe at a linesman in frustration following a tackle from Barca’s Dani Alves, which caused his boot to leave his foot in the first place.

Check it out:

Surprisingly, that only earned Arda Turan a yellow card.

Atletico went on to lose the game and aggregate by the same score (3-2 and 4-2, respectively), but I think we all know the main lesson here: If you’re angry at a soccer ref but don’t want to be red carded, you’re better off throwing your shoe at him than insulting him.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]



Watch Lynch vs. Gronk in Mortal Kombat on Conan (Video)

Lynch vs. Gronk - Mortal Kombat on Conan

Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch seem like a pretty interesting combo.  They are polar opposites—with one often saying way too little and the other saying way too much—but for some reason they still seem like they’d get along just fine. Conan O’Brien must agree, because he paired this odd couple up for an episode of “Clueless Gamer Big Game Showdown.”

The entire segment is set to air on Thursday’s episode of Conan, but you can watch the preview of Lynch vs. Gronk in a game of Mortal Kombat below:

I’m sure Lipitor is enjoying the free endorsement.

Kyrie Irving Scores 55, Including Game-Winning Three (Video)

Kyrie Irving Scores 55 - Game Winning 3

Can the Cavs win without LeBron James?  When Kyrie Irving scores 55, they sure can.

After missing his first seven shots during Tuesday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Irving caught fire, hitting 17 of his next 29 attempts from the field, including a team record 11 from three-point land. One of those three pointers came with less than 10 seconds left in regulation and the game tied 94-94.


After sinking that basket to get to 53 points on the evening, Irving grabbed the defensive rebound following Damian Lillard‘s missed three-point attempt and was fouled.  He’d hit his two free-throw attempts to reach 55 on the evening and secure a 99-94 victory for the Cavs.  Oh, and did we mention the Cavs were without LeBron James, who was sitting out with a wrist injury?

LeBron was still in attendance to witness Irving’s big game, and he seemed impressed with what he saw from his teammate:

Irving’s 55 set a scoring record for Quicken Loans Arena, and it was the highest scoring total by any player during this NBA season—breaking Klay Thompson’s 52 from Friday.

Katy Perry Prop Bets: Bet On Cleavage, Hair Color, And Other Stuff

Katy Perry prop bets super bowl xlix

Even if you’re not a Katy Perry fan, you can still enjoy the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show thanks to the many Katy Perry prop bets available at different sports books.

We’ll start at, where you can bet on whether or not Katy Perry will kiss a girl on stage (+515 if she does).

Then there’s, who are offering bets on whether or not Katy Perry will show cleavage (-700 Yes/+450 No), what her hair color will be (black/brown is favored at +150), and what she’ll be wearing (-200 dress or skirt/+225 shorts/+350 pants).

And perhaps the strangest Katy Perry prop bet comes to us via, who have Katy Perry wearing a whipped cream bikini at 18-to-1. (I feel bad for the sucker who wastes their money on that one.)  They also offer prop bets on the number of wardrobe changes Katy makes (line set at 2.5), and whether there’ll be a wardrobe malfunction at 22-to-1.

I’m going with the pants at +350.  Will you be wagering on any Super Bowl Halftime prob bets?

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]


The Marshawn Lynch Media Day Remix Has Arrived (Video)

Marshawn lynch media day remix

Marshawn Lynch may not have given the media a whole lot of information during his Super Bowl Media Day Q&A session, but he did provided us with one heck of a sound byte for the next great press conference audio mix.

You can listen to the Seattle Seahawks running back spit hot fire in the Marshawn Lynch Media Day Remix below, via remix master WTFBrahh:

Who said Marshwn Lynch never gives us anything during his press conferences?

Hat Tip to reader TheDude for the find.