49ers’ Anthony Davis asked Manti Te’o About His Imaginary Girlfriend

Anthony Davis asked Manti Te'o about his imaginary girlfriend

The San Diego Chargers got the last laugh on the field during Saturday night’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, but that didn’t stop Niners’ offensive tackle Anthony Davis from getting a little chuckle in at the expense of his opposition.

According to the tweet below, Anthony Davis asked Manti Te’o about his imaginary girlfriend at some point during the Chargers’ 38-35 overtime victory, and he thought it was pretty funny, too!

You know who didn’t think it was so funny?  Manti Te’o.  At least that’s the impression Davis got from Te’o’s reaction.

Here’s the tweet:


Miami Beach Bowl Brawl: Memphis’ Thrilling OT Victory Marred by Fight (Video)

Miami Beach Bowl brawl

A thrilling 55-48 double overtime victory by the Memphis Tigers over the BYU Cougars at the Miami Beach Bowl earlier today was marred by a nasty brawl that broke out following a DaShaughn Terry interception on the final play of the game.

Paxton Lynch‘s ridiculous seven-touchdown performance (4 pass, 3 rush) should have been the story of the game, and it was…until a fight broke out between the two teams in the middle of the field after the final whistle had blown.  Helmets were swung, bodies were tossed, and plenty of punches were thrown during the melee, which lasted at least a few minutes even though it looked like things had settled down on a couple of occasions.

In the end, there were at least a few black eyes and battered faces, and we certainly expect there to be some sort of discipline handed down on both sides.

You can watch the Miami Beach Bowl brawl in the video below:

Watch This Highlight Package of LeBron James’ Son (Video)

LeBron James' son

LeBron James may someday go down as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game.  That statement is at least debatable at the moment, which makes it crazy to think that there may also be a day in the future when he is not even the best “LeBron James” to ever play the game, let alone the best player to play it.  Crazy, but possible, thanks to the emergence of LeBron James’ son, LeBron James Jr.

LBJ Jr. has been making a name for himself, despite the fact that he is only in the fourth grade.  But I guess it’s never too early to start judging a kid’s dribbling skills, shooting form, rebounding abilities, and court presence.

You can judge LeBron James’ son in each of those areas for yourself after checking out his highlight package in the video below:

Hat Tip – [TakeMyTalent.com]


Memphis Player Headbutts His Teammates Without a Helmet (Video)

Memphis player headbutts teammates without helmet

Memphis tight end Alan Cross was able to take part in the entire Miami Beach Bowl earlier today, where he recorded three receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown during a 55-48 double overtime victory over BYU.  However, he probably should have been taken in for concussion testing prior to the opening kickoff after cameras caught him headbutting his teammates without a helmet during their pregame huddle.

In case you missed it, you can watch as the Memphis player headbutts his teammates at the Miami Beach Bowl in the vine below:

It’s amazing he was able to fit his helmet on his head after that.


Jets Fan Throws Nachos and Cheese at Patriots Fan (Video)

Jets fan throws nachos at Pats fan

The New England Patriots may have gotten the better of the New York Jets on the field this season, but I think it’s fair to say that the Jets fans were able to find redemption in the stands. That’s all thanks to one Gang Green fan who felt his overpriced nachos and cheese would be off on the face of an overly-aggressive Patriots fan, rather than in his stomach.

I must admit, I think the Jets fan made the right decision in this case.  After all, the Patriots fan clearly had it coming.  You can’t walk into a division rival’s stadium, throw the first punch on your way out, and not expect to end up with at least a little nacho cheese on your face.

You can watch as a Jets fan throws nachos and cheese at a Pats fan in the video below:

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

Watch Giants Kicker Josh Brown Mule Kick a Rams Player (Video)

Josh Brown mule kick

Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the St. Louis Rams was so chippy that even the kickers were getting involved—specifically, Giants kicker Josh Brown, who mule kicked the Rams’ Cody Davis following a kickoff midway through the first quarter.

Brown was flagged on the play, which is no surprise.  And it is also very likely that he receives a fine, as the NFL usually frowns upon kicking an opponent in the head during a game.

You can watch New York Giants kicker Josh Brown mule kick the face of a Rams special teams player in the video below:

Odell Beckham PreGame Routine Includes Dancing, More Great Catches (Videos)

Odell Beckham pregame routine dancing

The Odell Beckham pregame routine is the gift that just keeps on giving.

By now we’ve all seen the great one-handed catches that have become a staple in the Odell Beckham pregame routine.  And here are more from this past Sunday, prior to the New York Giants‘ game against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome:

As for the newest edition to the Odell Beckham pregame routine, that would be the dancing, which we all got a glimpse of yesterday as well.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, we only get to see one more pregame routine from Beckham this season, but at least we all know by now that it’ll be a good one.

Ole Miss Signee Chad Kelly Threatens Bouncers, Starts a Brawl (Video)

Chad Kelly fight bouncers

Just a few days ago, top-rated juco quarterback Chad Kelly signed a letter of intent to play football at Ole Miss.  But after things went sour during a trip to a Buffalo-area bar, the Rebels may need to begin their search for another signal-caller.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, as one witness told Deadspin that Chad Kelly had already taken a punch to the face and was bloodied—and the fight in the video below broke out moments later, after Kelly spit blood in the bouncer’s face:

After that, Buffalo News states that Kelly threatened the bouncers at Encore, telling them “I’m going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.” The bouncers informed Buffalo Police of the threat, and Kelly was pulled over in his 2005 Ford F-150 pickup truck at 458 Pearl Street.  He was arrested, but not without some resistance, as he swung and kicked at officers as they pulled him from his truck and put him into the patrol vehicle.  And he continued to put up a fight at the central booking station.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Rebels choose to deal with this, but don’t be surprised is Chad Kelly is looking for a new team by this time next week.

Rams’ EJ Gaines Nearly Decapitated By Teammate TJ McDonald (Video)

TJ McDonald decapitates EJ Gaines

EJ Gaines is lucky to be alive.  One look at the video below and you’ll understand why.

Okay, so maybe “lucky to be alive” is a bit of an exaggeration, but Gainessure is lucky to walk away from a brutal collision with teammate TJ McDonald with just a concussion and a lacerated lip.

McDonald’s hit was intended for Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, but as was the case for most of the afternoon, he couldn’t catch Beckham in time, leveling EJ Gaines instead.

You can watch the teammate-on-teammate violence that resulted in EJ Gaines being carted off the field via the video below:

Marshawn Lynch Thanks Reporters During Latest Post-Game Interview (Video)

Marshawn Lynch thanks reporters

First it was “yeah.”  Then it was “nope.” And now, it’s all about giving thanks, as Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch thanks reporters in his latest post-game scrum.

Lynch played a big part in the Seahawks’ 35-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.  So after the game the media wanted to talk about Beast Mode’s latest effort, which included a ridiculous 79-yard touchdown run, but Lynch wasn’t interested in answering questions.  Rather, he just wanted to give thanks to all of the members of the media for asking.  Asking what?  Well, quite frankly, we’re not so sure.

You can watch as Marshawn Lynch thanks reporters in the video below:

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode Touchdown: Version 2.0 (Video)

On January 8, 2011, during a playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, we were all witnesses to the now-famous Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode touchdown, as the Seattle Seahawks running back galloped around, over, and through every Saints defender on his way to the end zone.

Tonight, those of us watching the Sunday Night match-up between the Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals were witnesses to the soon-to-be-famous Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode touchdown, version 2.0.

If you missed it, you can be a witness too by checking out the latest Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode touchdown via the video above. (And make sure you watch for the crotch-grab celebration.)

Dominic Raiola Stomps on Ankle of Bears’ Ego Ferguson (Video)

Dominic Raiola stomps on ankle

Dominic Raiola is quickly becoming the most talked-about offensive lineman in the NFL, and that is not a good thing in this instance.

First, it was a cut block on the Patriots’ Zach Moore in week 12 that drew the ire of many, including Bill Belichick.

Now, it’s more bad publicity for the Detroit Lions center, who was caught stomping on the ankle of Chicago Bears defensive lineman Ego Ferguson.  Raiola claims the stomp was unintentional, but the footage doesn’t seem to support that claim.

You can watch as Dominic Raiola stomps on the ankle of Ego Ferguson in the video below, and decide for yourself whether or not it was intentional:

Giants-Rams Brawl After Late Hit on Odell Beckham (Video)

Giants-Rams brawl

Today’s game between the New York Giants and the St. Louis Rams may not have meant much, but the two teams sure didn’t play that way.  Rather, fans at the Edward Jones Dome were treated to one of the chippiest contests of the 2014 NFL season—a contest that was marred by several cheap hits and a Giants-Rams brawl on the sideline late in the second quarter.

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to be the target of the Rams’ frustrations for most of the game, and it probably had something to do with this celebration, which followed the rookie wide receiver’s first quarter touchdown:

After that, the Rams players seemed interested in one thing, and one thing only: Get back at Odell Beckham.

First it was T.J. McDonald getting in his grill following a 5-yard gain on a screen pass:

That earned McDonald a 15-yard taunting penalty, but the Rams weren’t done. Two drive later it was Alec Ogletree delivering the late hit on Beckham:

And that late hit is what sparked this Giants-Rams brawl along the sideline:

Here’s another view of the Giants-Rams brawl:

After all of that, Rams defensive end William Hayes was ejected, along with Giants defensive end Damontre Moore and wide receiver Preston Parker.

As for Beckham, he would go on to torch the Rams’ secondary for eight catches, 148 yards, and two touchdowns, en route to a 37-27 Giants victory.

Watch DeSean Jackson Mock the Eagles With a Post-Game Kick (Video)

DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles

When DeSean Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles during the offseason, he took it as a slap in the face, and rightfully so.  It’s not often you see a receiver get dumped for nothing after recording 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns in the previous season.  But that’s what happened, so it was certainly no surprise to see DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles after his Redskins beat them on Saturday—and knocked them out of the NFC playoff race in the process.

DJax played a big part in crushing the Eagles’ playoff hopes, leading Washington’s receiving corps with four catches for 126 yards during their 27-24 victory. And after giving Philly the boot from the playoffs, Jackson was caught on camera kicking the sky while saying “Kick that sh*t outta here, get that bird sh*t outta here,” as he made his way the locker room.

You can watch DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles in the vine below:

This CM Punk Interview on OTR With Michael Landsberg Got Really Awkward (Video)

CM Punk interview OTR Michael Landsberg

Canadians who tuned into TSN’s Off the Record with Michael Landsberg on Thursday were treated to a CM Punk interview that got so awkward they probably wanted to turn off their televisions.

Landsberg is known for conducting this type of interview on his show, and while some athletes and celebrities eat this sort of thing up, there are others who clearly do not. Chael Sonnen is one name that comes to mind.

And now you can add CM Punk to that list, as the WWE Champ-turned-UFC newbie didn’t seem to appreciate Landsberg’s line of questioning, eventually leading to this interesting, and pretty awkward, interaction between the two:

Here’s a look at the entire CM Punk interview on OTR:

After watching that, it’s not hard to see how some of these fighters could grow tired of Landsberg’s cheesy gimmick over the course of a single interview.