• Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Here is a look at the Quarterbacks who will help your team win the fantasy football championship this year: 1.Tom Brady Reigning league MVP and Super bowl loser Tom Brady, will play this season with a chip on his shoulder and pick up right where he left off last year. Another year with Randy Moss […]

  • Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Running Backs

    Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Running Backs

    Here is a look at the Running backs who will most likely under perform for your team if you draft them this season: 1. Rudi Johnson Rudi has truly lost a step. After having to watch many Bengal’s games last season I was left wondering what happened to the man who once drove Cory Dillion […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Running Backs

    Top 5 Fantasy Running Backs

    The NFL preseason is only six weeks away so its time to start looking at the players that will bring your team to the fantasy promised land. Here is a look at the top 5 Running backs: 1. Ladanian Tomlinson Still the best RB in the NFL, even though he will soon hit his 30th […]

  • Javon jumped in Vegas

    Javon jumped in Vegas

    A recent news report has indicated the Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker was found unconscious and badly beaten on a street somewhere in Las Vegas (Fox). Walker is said to have suffered a broken orbital bone and now is stable condition. It seems to me that Walker has had a rough time lately, on […]