• Jason Blake Your Benched!

    Jason Blake Your Benched!

    Total Pro Sports – Don’t get me started on this guy, he has one good season with an Islanders. A team who were not qualified to play in the OHL, and the Leafs go out and give him $4 million a season over 5 years. I know players on my mens hockey team the “ […]

  • Andreas Lilja Undergoes An Appendectomy

    Andreas Lilja Undergoes An Appendectomy

    Total Pro Sports – The Red Wings loose big defenceman Andreas Lilja for an extended period of time.  The Wings are so deep because of there great scouts, this should not affect them one bit. —————————————————————— Andreas Lilja was in the hospital to have his appendix removed, Darren McCarty cleared waivers and remains a Red […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Forwards

    Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Forwards

    Total Pro Sports – These 2008-2009 fantasy hockey Forwards will lead you to the top of your fantasy hockey league Championship.  Make sure you build a nice base of forwards on your team. If you don’t have a chance to select the top 8 players in the NHL, don’t worry because if you plan out […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen

    Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen

    Total Pro Sports – 2008-2009 fantasy hockey Defensemen are an important factor on you fantasy hockey teams.  If Defensemen are a mandatory selection then don’t be afraid to start selecting them in the early rounds of your leagues draft.  If you must start 2 Defensemen then be sure to have a Top 10 Defensemen in […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Goalies

    Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Goalies

    Total Pro Sports – If you don’t have a good goalie in net for your 2008-2009 fantasy hockey team them you might as well fold your team and ask your commissioner for your money back.  Most fantasy poolies don’t realize how important a goalie can be to your fantasy hockey team. If your in a fantasy league where goalies […]

  • Erik Johnson Done for Season

    Erik Johnson Done for Season

    Total Pro Sports – Talented young defenseman Erik Johnson of the St. Louis Blues will be out for the entire season due to a Knee injury.  Team Doctors have confirmed that surgery will be needed, and he will not be back in time for the 2008 season.  Would you believe the accident happend when the […]

  • Rod Brind’Amour Undergoes Knee Surgery

    Rod Brind’Amour Undergoes Knee Surgery

    Total Pro Sports – Also known to most hockey fans as “Rod The Bod”; Rod Brind’Amour Undergoes Knee Surgery.  Doctors had to remove torn cartilage in his knee, Rod Brind’Amour is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for the start of the hockey season. Rod Brind’Amour received the nickname “Rod The Bod” for his full […]

  • Tampa Bay Lightning Interested In Mats Sundin

    Tampa Bay Lightning Interested In Mats Sundin

    Total Pro Sports – This I think this turning into a big joke now.  “Mats, just pick a team and get this saga over with.  You know you want to win a cup and in Toronto your gonna have a hard time doing so.  Just sign with a cup contender and move on with your […]

  • Chris Chelios Signs A One Year Deal

    Chris Chelios Signs A One Year Deal

    This guy just keeps on going he reminds me of an energizer bunny.  I guess when your in tip top shape as Chris you can play till your 50.  Chelios is known in the off season to train with a stationary bike in the sauna on a daily basis with a trainer present. The Detroit Red […]

  • Fantasy Sports Software

    Fantasy Sports Software

    Total Pro Sports is in development stages of creating different Fantasy Sports Software for all the professional sports. Some of the Fantasy Sports Software that we will offer are: Survivor pools: Pick the best fit team to win that week, if you lose your eliminated, if you win you will move on to the next […]

  • Why L.A. Why?

    Why L.A. Why?

    Now why in your right mind would you trade Mike Cammalleri? Hello, Dean Lombardi, I’m talking to you!! Cammalleri, who turned 26 last week, had 19 goals and 28 assists in 63 games last season. His best season was 2006-07, when he had 31 goals and 46 assists in 81 games. Yes, that’s right, Dean […]

  • Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    I recieved this text yesterday night from a Red Wings Fan and thought it fit perfectly after games 1 and 2. “Missing child, His name is Sidney Crosby. Approx 6 feet, 185 lbs. Has been missing for the past 2 games. If you have seen him his team is ooking for him. Wings Wat!!!!!” Thanks, […]