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  • Celtics will take control

    Tonight is game 4 of the NBA finals and it is make or break time for Lakers. If the Celtics win tonight, the series is done as they would have a choke hold on the Lakers, However, if the Lakers win it is a brand new series. I have a strong feeling that the Celtics […]

  • Everybody cheats, sometimes!

    With the recent news that has surfaced regarding the cheating scandal in the NBA and referee Ted Donaghy, is anyone is really surprised?(Espn) As long as there has been professional sports there have been people who bet on it, and there have been people who cheat. In fact, today it seems there is so much […]

  • Matt gets mangled

    For anyone who watched the UFC last night you must have noticed two things, my picks sucked and Matt Hughes got destroyed.  Prior the fight it was announced that Alves had not made the required weight of 170 pounds.  This gave Matt Hughes the option of not taking the fight, However, Hughes being a warrior […]

  • Look…UFC 85 picks

    The latest UFC card is set for tonight in London, England.  Many people are disappointed by this card because the scheduled main event of Liddell vs. Evans had to be postponed due to an injury to Liddell.  However, the card should have some excitement with the likes of Matt Hughes and Michael Bisping.  Here is […]

  • Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!

    Its a great time every four years.  People from all over Europe, and all over the world beomce one with their European country of origin (that is if they have one) and cheer them to victory or cry with them in defeat (poor Ronaldo…and if you want more great pics like this one, just google […]

  • Lakers/Celtics series dropped from Casinos

    Sportsline – Don’t Bet on it! Harrahs Entertainment has dropped all there betting lines from the Lakers/Boston series, becuase Gary Loveman bought 2.4% share in the Boston Celitcs last year. Under NBA rules, Harrahs is barred from accepting wagers becasue there is a conflict of interest. This means that 13 properties in Nevada alone will […]

  • Pick of the Day, June 5th

    Last nights pick got washed out, so today they will play there game at 1:00pm eastern.  The same pitching matchup is scheduled so yes were still on with yesterday/todays pick of the St. Louis Cardinals.  As long as the St. Louis Caridnals are (-118), and the pitching matchup is still the Cardinals Wellemeyer (6-1, 3.16) vs Nationals Lannan (4-5, 3.52).  This […]

  • Pick of the day, June 4th

    Last nights pick ended our hot streak, I guess we gave Brad Penny to much credit for what he did in the past. We will give credit to Jeff Francis “The Canadian Boy” for pitching a gem on the road. He reminded me of the pitcher he was last year. Hopefully, when the Rockies fianlly […]

  • Pick of the day, June 3rd

    Overall we are now 3-2 on the season with last nights Anaheim Angels play coming through. We have won 3 consecutive games and we can keep the ball rolling. Todays pick were taking the LA Dodgers (-130). The pitching matchup Dodgers Penny (5-6, 5.66) vs Rockies Francis (1-5, 6.12). Today were taking the Dodgers even […]

  • Pick of the day, June 2nd

    Ok so were back on track evening our overall record to 2-2 for the year. Realistcally our record should be 4-0 but thats gambling for you. Todays pick were taking the Anaheim Angels (-130). The pitching matchup – Angels Santana (7-2, 3.09) vs Mariners Washburn (2-6, 6.54). Yes thats right were taking a visiting favorite, […]

  • Pick of the day, May 31st

    Ok so were back on track with our Indians pick last night, it was a close one. The Indians were down 4-1 going into the 5th and it looked like we were going to go 0-3. Luck was on our side this time and we came out with a win. Nothing really knocked us off […]

  • May 30th, Picks of the day

    Lets get back on track here, were off to an 0-2 start where we lost both games in the top half of the 9th inning. We took a couple days off just to get back on track and wipe away all the negative karma. Tonights play were calling a value play, were taking this game […]

  • May 27/08, Winning Picks

    Ok so yesterday our under in the Texas/Tampa was blown in the top half of the 9th scoring 2 runs to push our game over. It was 2-0 going into the top half of the 6th, and everything seemed like we were gonna chalk up another win, Boy were we wrong! Today were coming back […]

  • May 26th MLB best bets!

    Ok today were gonna take Texas Rangers – S Ponson (3-0, 2.95 ERA) vs Tampa Bay Rays – S. Kazmir (3-1, 1.57 ERA) under 9-105. Kazmir is 1-0 2.05 ERA and 33 strikeouts in 22 innings over four starts against Texas in his career Ponson has helped the Rangers to wins in four of his […]

  • 2009 Super Bowl Odds