• Mike Tyson at Pure!

    Mike Tyson at Pure!

    Team Total Pro Sports has been in Las Vegas for the past 2 weeks and we decided to go to Pure last night after a fantastic Sushi dinner at the infamous “Naked Fish”.  If anyone hasn’t gone there, it’s a must for sushi lovers.  As we were talking to the door man, “Booozey”, so we could […]

  • A bluff that got called by a dragon

    A bluff that got called by a dragon

    Playing in event #49 (2700 entrants) of the World Series Of Poker, I was playing amazing poker all day; making some tough calls and getting paid off on big hands. I was sitting above average stack most of the day when these 2 hands changed everything. We got moved to the Amazon Room(The main room […]

  • What a donkey play!

    What a donkey play!

    The craziest thing happened the other night; we were at the office playing a $20 freeze out between a bunch of the guys after work. I ended up getting busted by “DanD” a fellow associate and blogger of Total Pro Sports. So I decided to deal for the guys to help the game go by […]

  • Was there any need to Shoot this Shark? (Video)

    Was there any need to Shoot this Shark? (Video)

    Reeling in a giant shark during your fishing trip can be scary for some, but one guy has developed a strategy to avoid the possibility of having your big catch take a bite out of you: Pop a cap in its head before taking it out of the water. Is that even legal? I’m not […]