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  • 20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    You can’t blame soccer players for going big with their goal celebrations. There are so few opportunities, you just have to make the most out of each and every one. And of course, the same applies to fans. Given that there’s a 40% chance you’ll see a 0-0 draw any time you fork over your […]

  • The 20 Hottest WAGs of Euro 2012

    The 20 Hottest WAGs of Euro 2012

    In case you hadn’t notice, after months of hype, Euro 2012 is finally here. And since we here at Total Pro Sports are committed to covering all the most important aspects of this battle for European soccer supremacy—the brawls, the dives, the women (and if we get time for it, the great plays)—for today’s list […]

  • 11 Horses That Almost Ended The Triple Crown Drought

    11 Horses That Almost Ended The Triple Crown Drought

    This past Friday, sports fans everywhere (and probably more than a few gambling addicts) had their hearts broken when it was announced that I’ll Have Another—winner of the both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness—would not be going for American horse racing’s Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes. The champion horse had a nagging tendon […]

  • 9 Most Controversial Boxing Decisions of All Time

    9 Most Controversial Boxing Decisions of All Time

    People have always been a little suspicious of boxing. Maybe it’s because the sport relies on the interpretation of judges to pick a winner when nobody gets knocked out. Maybe it’s because of shady characters like Don King. Or maybe it’s because half the fights take place in Vegas, the sports-betting capital of the world. […]

  • 11 Most Dangerous Sports

    11 Most Dangerous Sports

    UPDATE: If anything, the world has gotten even more dangerous in the last few months, which perversely means our taste in dangerous sports has gotten only more acute. So it’s only fair that we try to keep abreast of trends in dangerous sports, which in turn is why we’re adding another bonus sport for whom […]

  • 22 Fantastic Ping Pong GIFs

    22 Fantastic Ping Pong GIFs

    Sometimes it’s called table tennis; other times it’s called ping pong. The difference? Well, if you play it in a gym in shorts and sneakers with your arms flailing all over the place, it’s table tennis. If you play it in your basement and the paddle has orange fingerprints on it from the Doritos you […]

  • 11 Female Sports Pioneers

    11 Female Sports Pioneers

    You know what’s cool? Girls and young women today can play sports and have the same hopes and dreams as boys and young men: play professionally, become a hero, get their face on a serial box, make lots of money—all that stuff. Sure, there’s not exactly equality of the sexes in the world of sports, […]

  • 25 Celebrities Spotted at the 2012 NHL Playoffs

    25 Celebrities Spotted at the 2012 NHL Playoffs

    Most years, you’re more likely to spot celebrities at NBA, NFL, or MLB playoff games than NHL playoff games. For that matter, you’re more likely to see celebrities at horse racing’s Kentucky Derby or tennis’ U.S. Open. But this year, with three teams from the two biggest American markets making deep playoff runs, celebrities are […]

  • 11 Best NHL Defensemen of All Time

    11 Best NHL Defensemen of All Time

    Nw that Nicklas Lidstrom has decided to call it a career—he officially retired this past Friday—it’s time to once again attempt the absurd: ranking the greatest NHL defensemen of all time. Why is it absurd? Because there are a hell of a lot of good defensemen who’ve played the game and, more importantly, there are […]

  • 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Olympic Torch Relay

    9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Olympic Torch Relay

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the official countdown to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London began a few weeks ago. They lit the Olympic flame over in Greece on May 10, then transported to the United Kingdom on a special addition gold-painted British Airways jet on May 18. Since then, the torch has been making […]

  • 19 Awesome Karate Fail GIFs

    19 Awesome Karate Fail GIFs

    Alright, let’s get it out of the way right off the bat: no, these aren’t all “karate” GIFs. Some are probably taekwondo, or judo, or kung fu. In fact, I think there’s even a capoeira GIF. But I’ve called them all “Karate GIFs” for three reasons: one, I know pretty much nothing about “martial arts”; […]

  • 11 Female Athletes Caught Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

    11 Female Athletes Caught Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Women’s sports have come a long way since trailblazers like Wilma Rudolph, Billy Jean King, and Althea Gibson. Today, women’s sports are more popular than ever, and female athletes are making more money than ever—both good things. But, as with everything in life, there’s also a downside. Namely, with all that glory and money at […]

  • 15 Comical Umpire Punch-Outs (Videos)

    15 Comical Umpire Punch-Outs (Videos)

    Umpires aren’t supposed to grab headlines. When they do—like when Armando Galarrago was robbed of a perfect game, or when Brett Lawrie blew a gasket a few weeks back—it’s usually because they suck. However, every once in a while, an umpire grabs our attention because he is awesome. And usually, “being awesome” for an umpire […]

  • 13 Athletes With Weird Eating Habits

    13 Athletes With Weird Eating Habits

    We have this romantic notion (usually propagated by Gatorade commercials) that the bodies of professional athletes are high-performance machines that require meticulous maintenance and high performance fuels to achieve peak performance. And for some athletes this is true. In fact, some are so particular about the foods they put in their bodies that you might […]

  • 25 Ridiculous Basketball Flops (GIFs)

    25 Ridiculous Basketball Flops (GIFs)

    Is it just me, or is there a flopping epidemic in the game of basketball? Seems like I can’t turn on an NBA game this postseason without seeing some dude who makes $5 million flailing around like he’s being attacked by a swarm of bees. Perhaps they’re all watching too much soccer. I mean, there […]