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  • 13 Pimped Out NFL Cars

    13 Pimped Out NFL Cars

    The other day when I saw the news about Larry Fitzgerald’s new $120 million 8-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals, I thought to myself, “what the hell is he going to do with all that money?” Then I remembered, “oh, right, really fancy cars.” After all, pro-athletes are known for using their colossal incomes to […]

  • 9 Hottest NASCAR WAGs

    9 Hottest NASCAR WAGs

    Professional race car drivers have two things going for them when it comes to shagging and/or shacking up with hot women. One, they have dangerous and exciting careers. Chicks dig that. Two, they’re wealthy. Chicks dig that too. So it’s not hard to understand why NASCAR drivers would have exceptionally hot wives and girlfriends. For […]

  • 9 Funniest Sports Movies

    9 Funniest Sports Movies

    The way I figure it, a good sports flick has got to do one of two things. It’s either got to make you frantically rub away some tears (the way macho guys like me do at the end of movies like Rudy or Miracle), or make you practically bust a gut from laughing so hard. […]

  • 9 Most Insane Fan Fights (Videos)

    9 Most Insane Fan Fights (Videos)

    Over the weekend there were several nasty incidents of fan violence in the world of sports. Maybe you read about them on this website? Anyway, while the stuff that happened this weekend was on the extreme end of the spectrum, acts of violence among fans attending sporting events are nothing new. In fact, such incidents […]

  • 9 Greatest Pro Wrestling Villains

    9 Greatest Pro Wrestling Villains

    If I were going to make a list of the greatest fake sports in the world, professional wrestling would be #1. Now, just settle down wrestling fans, I’m not knocking it. Pro wrestlers really are great athletes, and what they do really takes skill. I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sold. All I mean […]

  • 9 Obscure Sports Museums

    9 Obscure Sports Museums

    In the past seven weeks, the sporting press has spilled a lot of ink (both real ink and, in the case of sports websites like this one, virtual ink) covering the 2011 inductions to both the baseball and football halls of fame. It makes sense, of course, since these are some of the most popular […]

  • 9 Videos of Hot Women Playing Wii Sports

    9 Videos of Hot Women Playing Wii Sports

    When Nintendo released the Wii back in 2006, they (and everyone else) made a big deal about how this new console makes fat kids and old people get up off their lazy butts. Parents everywhere could now let video games entertain their kids without all the guilt, and every nursing home on the planet got […]

  • 9 Creative Soccer Chants

    9 Creative Soccer Chants

    The greatest soccer league in the world—The Barclay’s Premier League—kicked off its 2011-2012 season this past weekend, and we thought it would great to celebrate the occasion by having a look at some of the best soccer chants in recent memory. Now, we here in North America are used to hearing creative chants at high […]

  • 13 Most Awesome Old-School Sports Video Games

    13 Most Awesome Old-School Sports Video Games

    The other day, as I was negotiating a trade between the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals in the franchise mode of MLB 11 The Show for PlayStation 3, I made a very obvious realization: sports video games sure have come a long, long way. There I was in 2011, tending to every minute […]

  • The 13 Single-Season ‘Hit By Pitch’ Leaders

    The 13 Single-Season ‘Hit By Pitch’ Leaders

    Has it seemed to you that MLB batters are getting hit by pitches a lot more often these days? Well, there’s good news: you’re not crazy. I did a little digging and discovered that Major League Baseball is currently experiencing a true beanball renaissance. In the 1890s, the average players HBP per game was .419. […]

  • 11 Things Worth Knowing About Cricket

    11 Things Worth Knowing About Cricket

    Here in North American, cricket is a mysterious sport. We recognize that it is a little bit like baseball, but when people talk about it they use all kinds of funny words we don’t understand. Then, if we ever see it on TV—and we rarely do—it’s so confusing because it just looks like a whole […]

  • 15 Sexy Yoga Poses

    15 Sexy Yoga Poses

    Fifteen years ago yoga was just a fringe fitness fad. Like tantric sex, the general public had only a vague awareness of yoga because it was something Sting did. Today, everyone’s doing yoga. You can find classes in every neighborhood in every city in North America, and you can buy yoga mats at your local […]

  • 11 Incredibly Muscular Female Competitive Bodybuilders

    11 Incredibly Muscular Female Competitive Bodybuilders

    Yesterday, we brought you a list of the top 11 men from the world of pro bodybuilding. Today, we bring you the ladies. And while women’s bodybuilding is not quite as advanced as men’s bodybuilding as measured by the number of high-level competitors, like almost all women’s sports, this one is definitely growing. While there […]

  • 11 Extremely Ripped Competitive Bodybuilders

    11 Extremely Ripped Competitive Bodybuilders

    UPDATE: You’ve had three years to get off the couch and get that soft, doughy body into shape. Have you finally done it? No?? What’s wrong with you!? Maybe you need a little bit more motivation, so we’re adding a couple of bonus extremely ripped competitive bodybuilders that will haunt your nightmares, shouting at you […]

  • 15 Weird Athlete Quirks and Rituals

    15 Weird Athlete Quirks and Rituals

    Most sports fans fantasize about being pro athletes—usually because we’d love to be rich and date models and whatnot, but sometimes just because playing sports for a living sounds better than whatever lame job we have. However, what we sometimes forget is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication for the pros […]