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  • 9 Olympic Flash-In-The-Pans

    9 Olympic Flash-In-The-Pans

    It’s hard to call any Olympic athlete a “flash in the pan.” First off, they clearly had a lot of success to get to the Olympic games. Secondly, the inability to achieve Olympic success doesn’t necessarily mean that one hasn’t achieved lot of success in other venues. However, there have been plenty of athletes that […]

  • 9 Athletic Scandals We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried

    9 Athletic Scandals We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried

    These might not all be the worst scandals in sports, or the funniest, but they’re pretty damn crazy. A few are within the realm of possibility, but would require a crack writing team to craft the stories any better than fate did. Some of them are funny, some are sad, all are weird as hell. […]

  • 9 Greatest Athletes-Turned-Analysts

    9 Greatest Athletes-Turned-Analysts

    The leap from pro athlete to studio host or analyst is something of a no-brainer. “Hey, this guy played sports. He should have no problem talking about them in front of a national audience.” Of course, anyone who watches sports knows the success ratio here is like 14%. Becoming successful in this arena usually takes […]

  • 15 Sexiest Workout Girls of All Time

    15 Sexiest Workout Girls of All Time

    The days of the hot fitness guru may have come and gone. But to a generation of boys without cable or internet, daytime workout shows and ads for workout videos were as hot as it got. They died out a few years after sexy flight attendants did, so this career path is not the bastion […]

  • 9 Classic Sports Biographies Every Fan Should Read

    9 Classic Sports Biographies Every Fan Should Read

    It can be really hard to find a good book about your favorite athlete. In the past, someone would write a book about what they loved with nothing more than a hope that, just maybe, their book would find an audience. Today, giant bookstores figure out what kinds of books people buy the most, then […]

  • 9 Saddest Horse Racing Tragedies

    9 Saddest Horse Racing Tragedies

    In few sports is tragedy both more instant and prevalent than in horse racing. Corruption and shady characters off the turf, along with inherent dangers on it leave both horses and riders exposed to risk. Here, we would like to focus on nine horses that met an untimely end under extraordinary circumstances. Some are recent, […]

  • 12 Sexiest Korean LPGA Golfers

    12 Sexiest Korean LPGA Golfers

    The LPGA doesn’t get enough respect. Sure, you’ve probably heard that conventional argument dozens, if not hundreds of times before, but there’s another angle that transcends athletic ability. There are some bona fide hotties on the LPGA tour and elsewhere. And a disproportionate amount hail from South Korea. Why is that? I don’t know. We’re […]

  • 9 Professional Athletes With Extremely Weird Hobbies

    9 Professional Athletes With Extremely Weird Hobbies

    It can’t just be about sports. It can’t. Sure you can focus on just sports, but then you wind up boring and creepy, like Kobe Bryant. Variety is the spice of life, and these guys certainly have variety in spades. It’s hard to get further away from the world of athletics than bow ties, S.W.A.T. […]

  • 9 Funniest Kiss-Cam Moments

    9 Funniest Kiss-Cam Moments

    The Kiss-Cam might be the single best innovation of the live sports experience in the past 25 years…or at least since the dot races. No other spectacle provides such opportunity for humiliation, lust, comedy, and humiliation again. I’m sure when that camera focuses on you and yours, the adrenaline starts going and that little voice […]

  • 9 Insane Sports of the Ancient World

    9 Insane Sports of the Ancient World

    The sports that we decry as violent today really aren’t so bad in the context of historical competitions. Sure, a fat drunk Phillies fan threw up on a little girl, but, on the bright side, at least he didn’t ritualistically sacrifice her to the baseball gods. Football might be facing a concussion crisis, but until […]

  • 9 Greatest Athlete Music Video Cameos

    9 Greatest Athlete Music Video Cameos

    Nothing gets my “inessential cross-promotion” engine going like a good athlete cameo in anything, be it TV show, film, or music video. Music videos are the best avenue for athletes because the allow them to appear their athlet-iest, looking like big shots, wearing sunglasses indoors, and just looking awesome. And athletes like their cameos cause […]

  • 15 Hilarious NHL GIFs

    15 Hilarious NHL GIFs

    Hmmm…Good introduction for a list of 15 funny, dumb hockey GIF’s. Hmmm. There isn’t too much to say here, so let me just run you through some high points of the next 15 images. We have sexual gestures, crotch shots, more than a handful of people falling down, and green man (men). If that doesn’t […]

  • 9 Athletes with Ridiculously Hot Daughters

    9 Athletes with Ridiculously Hot Daughters

    These lists are always tricky, because I know my audience, but I also know that these (somewhat) unaffected girls are appearing on this list simply because of their lineage. HOWEVER, they are hot. And that WILL NOT be ignored. So let’s all appreciate their beauty and dynamic talents on a civil level and never contemplate […]

  • 9 Unbelievable Sports Curses

    9 Unbelievable Sports Curses

    According to this list, it’s just not possible for a sports figure or team to suck. Their must be supernatural powers at play, conspiring to keep the Padres from winning the world series, or deciding that, for no reason, the NY Rangers have suffered enough, granting them a Stanley Cup after 54 years. The big […]

  • 9 Greatest Movie Basketball Coaches of All Time

    9 Greatest Movie Basketball Coaches of All Time

    In the realm of sports films, coaches always exist as larger than life, sage characters, like human Yodas. And in no sport is that more true than basketball, when the only physical gap between the coach and his players is the space between two seats on the sideline. So here are some good coaches and […]