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  • NBA Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 1

    NBA Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 1

    Total Pro Sports – Even though this was a shortened week, we will publish our first week of NBA Fantasy 3 Stars. The first week in any sport is hard to determine who was the best performer. Players are trying to find where they left off last year, as a little rust is still visible […]

  • NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

    NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

    Week: | Pre – 1| Total Pro Sports – Welcome to our first week of my NBA power rankings. Nothing unexpected has changed the top 5 still include the Boston Celtics, New Orleans Hornets, LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that we see making a huge run this season are the […]

  • Allen Iverson Is Motown Bound

    Allen Iverson Is Motown Bound

    Total Pro Sports – This is not an error, Allen Iverson is on his way to the Detroit Pistons.  Joe Dumars promised his fans during last years Eastern Conference loss that the Pistons would be revamped to compete with the Boston Celtics. “We just felt it was the right time to change our team,” Pistons […]

  • Isiah Thomas Overdoses On Sleeping Pills

    Isiah Thomas Overdoses On Sleeping Pills

    Total Pro Sports – From an Illustrious playing career to the ill faded management positions, Thomas has had nothing go right for him. Isiah Thomas tried so hard to stay in the game, but positioning himself with the wrong teams left his career battered and bruised. Hopefully this overdose was not a suicide attempt. We […]

  • Corey Maggette Sidelined With Strained Hamstring

    Corey Maggette Sidelined With Strained Hamstring

    Total Pro Sports – Why risk a new $50 million dollar contract in exhibition games.  We all know what you can do Corey.  At 22.1 points per game, you don’t need to show the Warriors or the Fantasy basketball world what your made of.  Rest that injured hamstring, and come into the season 150%. —————————————————————- […]

  • Larry Hughes Out 6-8 Weeks

    Larry Hughes Out 6-8 Weeks

    Total Pro Sports – So much talent, but no luck for Larry Hughes.  He’s been hampered with injuries ever since he first stepped foot onto an NBA court.  Maybe it was best for him to stay a little longer in college? If your thinking of drafting him ion your fantasy basketball team be very cautions […]

  • Kobe Bryant Jumps Over A Car?

    Kobe Bryant Jumps Over A Car?

    Total Pro Sports – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!  If you have yet to see this video/commercial, this is just crazy, Kobe Bryant “I Got This” of the Los Angeles Lakers, jumps over an Aston Martin in a parking lot.  What looks to be his sidekick “Ronnie Turiaf” former member of the Los Angeles Lakers […]

  • The New Twin Towers!

    The New Twin Towers!

    With the recent addition of Jermain O’Neal by the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo is hoping that he has just built the second edition of “The Twin Towers”.  The “New Twin Towers”, featuring All Star Chris Bosh and former All Star Jermain O’Neal.  If you don’t remember who the original twin towers were, your not a basketball fan.  These two players absolutely […]

  • Not All Is Bad For Toronto Sports Fans

    Not All Is Bad For Toronto Sports Fans

    Total Pro Sports - If your a Toronto sports fan you probably have your head underneath the pillow right now truly embarrassed to be a fan of any Toronto Sports club.  You may even be thinking about jumping on another teams bandwagon.   The Toronto Maple Leafs or shall we call them the “Maple Laughs” stink, the Argos don’t even exist, the […]

  • Gilbert Arenas Out Till January

    Gilbert Arenas Out Till January

    Total Pro Sports – After signing that huge contract before the 2007 season for whopping 6 years $111 million, Gilbert Arenas will once again be on the injured list with knee surgury until mid December.  After missing most of last with the same injury, he came back late last year for the playoffs.  We think only hurt Arenas’ knee even more.  Coming back from a freshly […]

  • Josh Howard In Trouble For You Tube Video

    Josh Howard In Trouble For You Tube Video

    Whether its Dennis Rodman, Pacman Jones, Sean Avery or David Wells, there always seems to be one bad boy in every sport.  This time the man stealing the headlines is the Dallas Mavericks Josh Howard and his video on You Tube. [expletive] Josh Howard was at a charity flag football event this past July held by Allen Iverson.  The video which has been […]

  • Andrew Bynum 100% Ready After Knee Injury

    Andrew Bynum 100% Ready After Knee Injury

    Total Pro Sports – Without Andrew Bynum in the middle last year the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the NBA Finals.  Even though they were lead behind Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, with the help of Bynum in the middle would have made that difference against the Celtics.  Having 2 big men on the court at […]

  • Monta Ellis’ Mysterious Injury

    Monta Ellis’ Mysterious Injury

    Total Pro Sports – There are many reports on how Monta Ellis actually got hurt, but which one is actually true? Was he actually playing pick up ball with his friends and injured his ankle? Or was he running on a slippery pool deck?  We all hope the truth will soon finaly come out. Nearly two weeks […]

  • Professional Athletes Homes – Grant Hill

    Professional Athletes Homes – Grant Hill

    Part 1 of Professional Athletes Homes Our first house on our list has yet to be completed.  With an estimated building cost at $11,500,000, this magnificant 22000 square foot house sitting on 4 plus acres inlcudes endless bedroom’s/baths, an infinity pool, 8 car garage and a full sized basketball court sitting below the ground with full arena seating.  We also forgot to mention the […]

  • Shaq spits fire

    Shaq spits fire

    In response to a recent posting on this site, I want to give my opinion on Shaqs rap about Kobe Bryant. In true Hip Hop fashion the Big Diesel ripped into the reigning league MVP in a humorous and entertaining fashion. I loved every second of Shaqs rap; I hope he records it one day. […]