• Wes Welker Snow Angel

    Wes Welker Snow Angel

    Total Pro Sports -  The New England Patriots laid a beating to the Arizona Cardinals 47-7 in a blizzard.  After scoring a touchdown Wes Welker decided it was only fitting to do a snow angel in the end zone.  Welkers technique is just fabulous, his consistent arm strokes and leg stokes flow perfectly.  All you kids […]

  • The RCA Dome Imploded Today

    The RCA Dome Imploded Today

    Total Pro Sports – This day of December 20th 2008 will be remembered forever by sports fans, the Dallas Cowboys playing their final game at Texas Stadium and the city of Indianapolis saying goodbye to their beloved RCA Dome or otherwise known as the Old Hoosier Dome.  The RCA Dome was imploded to make more […]

  • Goodbye Texas Stadium

    Goodbye Texas Stadium

    Total Pro Sports – Opening it’s doors on October 24, 1971, at a cost of $35 million, 37 historical years later the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium will be coming to a end.  All the games, memories, the Championships the records, the cheerleaders anything you can think of surrounding Texas Stadium and the Cowboys will come […]

  • Just call him ROY

    Just call him ROY

    Total Pro Sports-  This season crop of offensive rookies is one of the best to come into the NFL in long time.  Lets take a look at which player we think will be named the NFL Rookie of the Year. Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons, Coming into the league which such high expectations, Matt has […]

  • Who will be MVP?

    Who will be MVP?

    Total Pro Sports-  The NFL season is almost over, so its time to start looking at the players who have the best shot at winning the leagues MVP award.

  • Colts will run over the Jags

    Colts will run over the Jags

    Total Pro Sports-  Tonight the Indianapolis Colts will be traveling to Florida, to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.  When the schedule was made I’m sure this looked like a great division match-up, with huge playoff implications.  In reality,  the game is only important for the Colts who need one more win to secure a playoff birth in AFC.

  • Pac is Back

    Pac is Back

    Total Pro Sports-  Just when the NFL and Roger Goodell thought they had rid themselves of Adam “Pac-Man” Jones for good, news out of Dallas is that he will make his return this Saturday.  Many media reports were claiming that last week Jones had suffered an injury that could possibly end his career.  Now, less than a week later […]

  • Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs

    Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs

    Total Pro Sports-  Every year when the Pro Bowl rosters are announced there are players that don’t deserve to make the team and vice versa.  One reason that undeserving players make it to Hawaii because of their reputation as a good player.  Take the example of Champ Bailey, who missed most of the season with […]

  • The Manning Bowl

    The Manning Bowl

    Total Pro Sports- The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters were released yesterday and the usual suspects were all there along with some new comers.  The biggest story line from yesterday is that for the first time ever QB brothers will play in the same game.  Peyton Manning, from the Indianapolis Colts, and Eli Manning, from the […]

  • NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

    NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

    Week: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 Total Pro Sports – The New York Giants lose again this week, this time to the Dallas Cowboys, but still remain #1 in our NFL Power Rankings for […]

  • 2009 NFL PRO Bowl Rosters

    2009 NFL PRO Bowl Rosters

    Total Pro Sports – The NFL just announced the 2009 NFL PRO Bowl rosters for both the NFC and the AFC Conferences.  From the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals are sending the most starters with 4 players and the New York Giants are sending the second most with 3 starters coming from their team. In the […]

  • Another NFL Player Changes His Name

    Another NFL Player Changes His Name

    Total Pro Sports – Greg White, second year DE on the Tampa Bay Bucs has officially changed his name.  On Monday, a Hillsborough County Circuit Court granted the request. Gregory Alphonso White Jr, will now be known as “Stylez G. White“, yes that’s right, this is not an error.  Styles spelled with a “Z” and […]

  • Giants Lose! The Cowboys Kiss and Make up!

    Giants Lose! The Cowboys Kiss and Make up!

    Total Pro Sports – The New York Giants got totally outplayed on Sunday night and lost to the improving Dallas Cowboys 20-8.  This was a huge win for Dallas considering that they are tied for a wild card spot. Conversely, the big story of the night was not how well the Cowboys played, instead, the […]

  • Hey, J.P. Losman Show NFL Teams This Tape

    Hey, J.P. Losman Show NFL Teams This Tape

    Total Pro Sports – Prior to this weeks game against the New York Jets, J.P. Losman told reporters that he was going to use the games video tape to create a showcase for interested teams in the off season. Filling in for the injured Trent Edwards, the teams future quarterback, J.P Losman had an opportunity […]

  • Black Ice Offers Visanthe Shiancoe A Contract

    Black Ice Offers Visanthe Shiancoe A Contract

    Total Pro Sports – If you have yet to read about Minnesota Viking, Visanthe Shiancoe exposed nude on national televison this past Sunday.  The story line gets even better today, when Black Ice LTD. An online Porn DVD store has made an “exclusive performance offer” to Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. “From what we’ve […]