• Marques Colston Out 6 Weeks

    Marques Colston Out 6 Weeks

    Total Pro Sports – This is a huge loss for the New Orleans Saints because teams will now be able to key on Reggie Bush in the passing game.  The only other receivers they have are relatively inexperienced and inconsistant.  Jeremy Shockey will see an increased role in the teams offense, but as he has proved […]

  • Fantasy Football Starters And Bench Warmers: Week 2

    Fantasy Football Starters And Bench Warmers: Week 2

    NFL week 1 was very interesting, with top players going down for the season in Tom Brady and Shawne Merriman.  Then there were teams like the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears dominating their opponets as if they were favorites to win the Super Bowl.  For your fantasy football team this sunday this is who we […]

  • Bernard Pollard Fan Club

    Bernard Pollard Fan Club

    The man who prematurely ended Tom Brady’s season has now become a hero of sorts to some fans of the NFL.  Bernard Pollard, safety for the Kansas City Chiefs has been the subject of many heated debates since his low hit on Brady and now you can get your own t-shirt which immortalizes the event.  It […]

  • Lights Out For Shawne Merriman

    Lights Out For Shawne Merriman

    The latest reports out of San Diego indicate that star linebacker Shawn Merriman is done for the year with torn ligaments in his knee. This is yet another blow to a team that has high expectations this season. Without this monster in the lineup the Chargers will not be the same defense they were a […]

  • Fantasy Football Week One Waiver Wonders

    Fantasy Football Week One Waiver Wonders

    These Fantasy Football week 1 waiver wonders had some impressive games for their respective teams.  Be sure to pick them up on your fantasy football team or at least keep an eye on them through week 2.  They will definitely be on our radar. Eddie Royal, WR, Denver Broncos, Royal busted onto the fantasy scene […]

  • NFL Players OF Week 1

    NFL Players OF Week 1

    Total Pro Sports NFL Players OF Week 1 Here are the players who put up the biggest numbers during the first week of the National Football League.  Make notes of these players as we for see them bringing your fantasy football team huge numbers later on in the year. Best Offensive Player- Michael Turner, RB, […]

  • Chad, What’s Your Real Name?

    Chad, What’s Your Real Name?

    Chad Johnson has changed his name, but his jersey remained the same Sunday. The Cincinnati Bengals receiver legally changed his name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ocho Cinco, but the NFL decided against allowing him to put his name on his jersey. “While the NFL has recognized the legal name change of Chad Johnson to […]

  • Marion Barber’s X-Rays Are Negative

    Marion Barber’s X-Rays Are Negative

    During Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys Running Back Marion Barber left the game with injured ribs.  Cowboys Team doctors of  have reported that Marion Barber’s injury have turned out negative on X-Rays.  They are Optimistic that Barber will be able to play next week against longtime rival the Philadelphia Eagles. “I have no […]

  • Vince Young Out 2-4 Weeks

    Vince Young Out 2-4 Weeks

    Yesterday’s first Sunday in football was supposed be a happy day for most football fans, but for Patriots and Titans fans it was a day of misery.  Both their starting quarterbacks went down with injuries.  MVP Tom Brady of the Patriots is done for the season with a Torn ACL and Vince Young had some luck on […]

  • Tom Brady Update: Torn ACL

    Tom Brady Update: Torn ACL

    Reports out of Miami suggest that Tom Brady’s injury, during his game Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, has been confirmed a torn ACL. “Yeah, I just heard. That’s terrible, terrible. I guess it’s an ACL or something,” said Favre, whose team hosts the Patriots on Sunday. “They’ve always overcome injuries. But that’s pretty difficult, […]

  • Daunte Culpepper Throws Bombs At The NFL

    Daunte Culpepper Throws Bombs At The NFL

    After retiring from the National Football League on Thursday, Daunte Culpepper suggested that the NFL was up against him. “No matter what I did or said, there seemed to be a unified message from teams that I was not welcome to compete for one of the many jobs that were available at the quarterback position,” […]

  • Tom Brady Injury Report

    Tom Brady Injury Report

    Anyone who watched the golden boy Tom Brady take a low hit to his knee is wondering about the extent of Brady’s injury.  If he has a torn ligament in his knee and is out for an extended period of the time the entire landscape of the NFL will be changed dramatically.   If Tom Brady’s injury is a Torn ACL and done for […]

  • One Game Down. Many More to Come

    One Game Down. Many More to Come

    So for those of you who sat down to watch the first game to kick off the 2008  NFL season, many may have come out disappointed (unless you were like me and had Burress on your fantasy roster).  A game that started off fast ended in what seemed to be slow motion.  A low scoring game […]

  • Giants will scalp the Skins

    Giants will scalp the Skins

    The first game of the NFL season is always exciting and this year is no different.  The defending champions the New York Giants take on the Washington Redskins.  The Giants could not have asked for a better match-up to start the season as they should easily take car of the Skins. Although, the Giants will […]

  • NFL 2008 Season Preview

    NFL 2008 Season Preview

      With the kickoff for the 2008 season a few days away it is time to start looking which teams will make some noise this year.  This is our 2008 NFL Season Preview, along with who will be this year’s SuperBowl Champion   AFC North- Cleveland Browns- This young and talented team has the potential […]