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  • Somewhere Don Cherry is crying

    Somewhere Don Cherry is crying

    Congratulations, to the Detroit Red Wings on winning the Stanley cup, and more importantly to Captain Niklas Lidstrom. You have won the Stanley cup and in doing so you have put to rest the old cliché that a European captain will never win one. For all those people who have long believed that a team […]

  • Hockey Night In Canada a Retirement Home?

    Hockey Night In Canada a Retirement Home?

    Now I understand that the maple leafs are the highlight team of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, but does that mean that they have to run their broadcasting crew in the same way as the inept leafs have been running their team for so long? And in case you are wondering what i mean by […]

  • Where have you gone Geno Malkin?

    Where have you gone Geno Malkin?

    With the Stanley cup final just about done as Detroit has opened a 3-1 strangle hold on Pittsburgh most people are left wondering what the hell happened to Evgeni Malkin. After watching game four it was evident to me that much of Malkin’s problems stem from the fact that Detroit is simply shutting him down. […]

  • Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    I recieved this text yesterday night from a Red Wings Fan and thought it fit perfectly after games 1 and 2. “Missing child, His name is Sidney Crosby. Approx 6 feet, 185 lbs. Has been missing for the past 2 games. If you have seen him his team is ooking for him. Wings Wat!!!!!” Thanks, […]

  • Steven Crosby Who?

    Steven Crosby Who?

    Detroit Red Wings PA Announcer “Budd Lynch” made a little error in Game 1 on Saturday in Detroit. He announced the opening faceoff between Sidney Crosby and Niklas Lidtstrom as “Pitsburgh Penguins Steven Crosby”. I was wathcing it on T.V. and thought there was an error in the name but never thought twice as how […]