• Trojan Unwrapped – David Beuhler

    Trojan Unwrapped – David Beuhler

    Total Pro Sports – These past few weeks pictures of place kickers in college football have surfaced in sexual and erotic poses. First it was Jake Hogue from Ball State and supposed Abercrombie model Sarah Bakian, in an article we titled, “The Ball State Kicker Knows How To Have Fun”. The other day it was the Stanford mascot that was […]

  • What’s Up With Marbury, and Where is He Going?

    What’s Up With Marbury, and Where is He Going?

    Total Pro Sports – As a die hard Knick fan, this story belittles my mind every day. Stephon Marbury and the Knicks organization have been working on a buyout on and off since the very beginning of the season, and most Knick fans have the same mindset as I do; buy him out, get it […]

  • Detroit Inks Zetterberg

    Detroit Inks Zetterberg

    Total Pro Sports – We have been following this story for several weeks now, our questions have finally been answered. A report coming from The Booth Newspaper says that Henrik Zetterberg has signed a 12 year extension worth $72 million. Zetterberg has spent his entire six year career with the Red Wings and will most […]

  • 2009 Mock NFL Draft: 2.0

    2009 Mock NFL Draft: 2.0

    NFL Mock Draft: | 1.0 | 2.0 | Ending (January 27/09) We have updated to NFL Mock Draft 3.0 Check it out! Total Pro Sports – Introducing the Total Pro Sports Mock Draft, version 2.0, featuring rounds one AND two! It is our intention to add more, more, MORE to this section as the draft […]

  • NBA Power Rankings: Week 13

    NBA Power Rankings: Week 13

    Week: | Pre – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9-10 | 11 | 12-13 | Ending (January 25th) Total Pro Sports – The Lakers stay at the top this weeks NBA Power Rankings, but the Boston Celtics will definitely jump to the #1 spot […]

  • NHL Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 16

    NHL Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 16

    Total Pro Sports – Due to the shortened week there are some unlikely players making this week’s NHL Fantasy 3 Stars, most notably from the Los Angeles Kings. This week’s honorable mention goes to Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings. Stoll put up 3 points (1 goal & 2 assists) with one of those […]

  • Oilers Forgot All Star Break Was Over

    Oilers Forgot All Star Break Was Over

    Total Pro Sports – The Edmonton Eskimos lost to the Buffalo Bills 10-2 on Tuesday night…if this was an actual scoreline there would be nothing to worry about, but unfortunately it was the Oilers that lost to the Sabres. Mentally the Oilers were still on holidays as they were able to do nothing right but manage […]

  • Hot PETA Super Bowl Ad Banned By NBC

    Hot PETA Super Bowl Ad Banned By NBC

    Total Pro Sports – I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year, the first weekend in February is like Christmas and New Years eve, all put in one. The day of February 1st “The Super Bowl” is actually my favorite day this year. How can a sports fan not love this day? […]

  • BJ Penn Disses George St.Peirre

    BJ Penn Disses George St.Peirre

    Total Pro Sports-  This weekend is all about Superbowl XLIII, but don’t forget to watch UFC 94: St.Pierre vs Penn 2,on Saturday night.  This UFC will feature one of the most anticipated fights of year, between BJ Penn and George St. Pierre.  This is a rematch of a 2006 fight, which saw St.Pierre win in a split decision. It seems […]

  • Shaquille O’Neal And Butler ‘Kiss And Make-up’

    Shaquille O’Neal And Butler ‘Kiss And Make-up’

    Total Pro Sports – You can always expect the unexpected from the Big Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal, during a game.  Last night the Phoenix Suns were in Washington to take on the lowly Wizards, the Suns won the game handily 103-87. During the game Caron Butler of the Wizards tried driving the lane to beat the […]

  • Pogge Suits Up For A Second Time

    Pogge Suits Up For A Second Time

    Total Pro Sports – Some fans are saying ‘the time has come’, others are still skeptical, Justin Pogge will suit up for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight when they face the Wild in St.Paul. In reality, Pogge’s AHL numbers are not that bad and again, in reality they are not a true reflection of what […]

  • Who Will Be The Eugene Robinson of Superbowl XLIII?

    Who Will Be The Eugene Robinson of Superbowl XLIII?

    Total Pro Sports-  Coaches always tell players to be on their best behavior at all times, especially on the days before the Superbowl.  On player who never listened to his coach was Eugene Robinson.  Remember Eugene Robinson, his story is one of the most infamous in Superbowl history. The day before Superbowl XXXIII, Eugene, then […]

  • Amazing .5-Second Tip-In Three-Point Shot

    Amazing .5-Second Tip-In Three-Point Shot

    Total Pro Sports – I have come to conclusion that American High School basketball is by far the best game to follow.  Athletes giving their all for a potential scholarship and dream to play in the NBA.  I have decided to stop watching the NBA and College Basketball and focus my time solely on High […]

  • Michigan College Hockey Rivalry Gets Ugly

    Michigan College Hockey Rivalry Gets Ugly

    Total Pro Sports – This past Saturday night the Michigan Wolverines beat the Michigan State Spartans 5-3, winning the season series 5-0. The rivalry between the 2 inner state teams got ugly in the last minute of the game.  Michigan Wolverines defenseman Steve Kampfer was hit from behind by States Andrew Conboy (If you watch […]

  • Brandon Roy Owns You

    Brandon Roy Owns You

    Total Pro Sports-  One of the best young players in the NBA, Bradon Roy, posterized Cheikh Samb last night.  Roy is having another great season playing for the Portland Trailblazers and continues to make highlight reel plays. Cheikh Samb is from Senegal and plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, He originally started his career with […]