• Who Is Maripily Rivera?

    Who Is Maripily Rivera?

    Today we reported that Roberto Alomar was back in news, this time he was defending the claim made his ex girlfriend IIya Dall, that he has AIDS.  It was also reported that Maripily Rivera, Roberto Alomar‘s new girlfriend, has come to his defense. This automatically sparked our interest in Rivera.  Very little information is available, […]

  • Roberto Alomar Fights Back

    Roberto Alomar Fights Back

    Total Pro Sports-  Amid allegations by his former girlfriend that he has full blown AIDS, Roberto Alomar has made a public statement regarding his health. “This is a very private, personal matter and I greatly appreciate all the support I have received in the past few days from my family, friends and colleagues in baseball,” […]

  • Ines Sainz The Worlds Hottest Sports Reporter

    Ines Sainz The Worlds Hottest Sports Reporter

    Total Pro Sports-  A while back I did a little post about the Worlds Hottest Sports reporter, Ines Sainz.  Just set the record straight, she is still the hottest and I don’t think that will change anytime soon (Erin who?). A loyal TPS reader tipped me off about a video of hers on YouTube. Check […]

  • David Beckham ‘Blows’ It On The Field

    David Beckham ‘Blows’ It On The Field

    Total Pro Sports – An icon, a role model and a hero to most soccer fans, David Beckham is one of the greatest soccer players to ever step on the pitch. People all over the world dream of living the David Beckham life; the money, the fame, the talent and a beautiful wife Victoria Beckham.  […]

  • Lacey Von Erich Poses For Playboy

    Lacey Von Erich Poses For Playboy

    Total Pro Sports-  Lacey Von Erich, the 22 year old daughter of former WWE Superstar, Kerry Von Erich, will be posing for playboy today. “Playboy next Thurs. at 12:15! Wish me luck! I’m scared !!” Lacey Von Erich MySpace Page I wonder if she is as excited as we are to see her in PlayBoy. […]

  • BMX Faceplant At Home

    BMX Faceplant At Home

    Total Pro Sports – We never really understood why non professionals would try such crazy BMX stunts in their backyard without proper supervision. Obviously this guy in the video never seen all the amateur accidents online before.  You can bet he wont try something this stupid ever again.  At least he was wearing a helmet. […]

  • Brett Favre Retires Again!!!

    Brett Favre Retires Again!!!

    Total Pro Sports – 11 months after retiring the first time, Brett Favre has decided to call it quits for the second time and has told the New York Jets he’s once again retiring from football. Favre had instructed his agent, James “Bus” Cook, to inform the Jets on Wednesday that he is retiring. The […]

  • Oshawa’s James DeLory Attacks Nathan Moon

    Oshawa’s James DeLory Attacks Nathan Moon

    Total Pro Sports – What’s wrong with some of these young hockey players nowadays?????? This is one of the dumbest most idiotic events in hockey that I can remember since the Marty McSorley slash over Donald Brashears head and the Todd Bertuzzi attacks Steve Moore from behind.  OHL’s Kingston Frontenacts and Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Nathan […]

  • Roberto Alomar Has AIDS Say’s ex-Girlfriend

    Roberto Alomar Has AIDS Say’s ex-Girlfriend

    Total Pro Sports – “Catch the taste”, Roberto Alomar McCain commercial. Reports have surfaced in the NY Daily News out of Brooklyn that Ilya Dall the ex-girlfriend of Roberto Alomar is suing him for $15 million for having sex with her while knowing that he might have AIDS. As we write this we are still […]

  • AS Roma Mirko Vucinic Crazy Goal Celebration

    AS Roma Mirko Vucinic Crazy Goal Celebration

    Total Pro Sports – This past December AS Roma player Mirko Vucinic scored in the 90th minute to win the game for his team and beat rivalry Cagliari. But thats not the reason for this post.  After scoring the eventual winner in the 90th minute Mirko Vucinic had one of the craziest celebrations ever.  He […]

  • NHL Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 18

    NHL Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 18

    Total Pro Sports – For the second week in a row we have a certain Washington Capitals defenceman leading the way showing everyone that Alexander Ovechkin isn’t the only one who can score on the Caps. This week’s honorable mention goes to Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres. Last week Miller put up 2 wins […]

  • NFL Draft: ‘Safe Picks’, Fact or Fiction?

    NFL Draft: ‘Safe Picks’, Fact or Fiction?

    Total Pro Sports – Each draft season, I try to develop my own opinions about the talent preparing to enter the league, and am fairly confident in my ability to “pick winners”, so to speak.  Of course, no one is perfect, especially at talent evaluation. Draft history is full of sad truths which remind us just how imperfect […]

  • Lisa Marie Varon Loves To Ground And Pound

    Lisa Marie Varon Loves To Ground And Pound

    Total Pro Sports-  Former WWE Diva Victoria, has the itch to get back in the ring and fight for real.  Apparently since retiring from wrestling she has started to pursue are career in mixed martial arts.  It seems like she wants to follow in the footsteps of former WWE stars turned MMA fighters, like Brock […]

  • Sorry Chris Bosh, Hello Mo

    Sorry Chris Bosh, Hello Mo

    Total Pro Sports-  It is being reported that Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh, will be sitting out this years NBA All-Star game.  Bosh will be missing the game in order to rest his ailing knee, I guess he wants to be healthy so the Raptors have a better chance of trading him.  The fact that […]

  • LeBron James Runs New York

    LeBron James Runs New York

    Total Pro Sports- The most historic stadium in the city of New York, or even possibly in the world, is Madison Square Garden. This past week, I was fortunate enough to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the New York Knicks. The amount of Cavaliers jerseys I saw was shocking, as the […]