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  • Humanitarian Bowl: Preview and Prediction

    Humanitarian Bowl: Preview and Prediction

    Humanitarian Bowl Game: Preview and Prediction Roady’s Truck Stops Humanitarian Bowl Humanitarian Bowl Logo Stadium Bronco Stadium Location Boise, Idaho Operated 1997-present Conference Tie-ins ACC, WAC,MWC in 2009 Payout US$750,000 (As of 2007[update]) Sponsors Crucial.com (1999-2002) MPC Computers (Dec. 2004-2006) Former names Humanitarian Bowl (1997-1998) Crucial.com Humanitarian Bowl (1999- 2002) Humanitarian Bowl (Jan. 2004) MPC […]

  • Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!

    Its a great time every four years.  People from all over Europe, and all over the world beomce one with their European country of origin (that is if they have one) and cheer them to victory or cry with them in defeat (poor Ronaldo…and if you want more great pics like this one, just google […]