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  • School Pride + 9/11 = FAIL

    School Pride + 9/11 = FAIL

    Fails are always fun, but this one left me speechless.  For those of you out there who didn’t pick up on the obvious issue with this picture, I’ll clear it up for you.  What seems like an innocent sweatshirt in fact looks eerily like a plane flying into the twin towers.  And by eerily I […]

  • New York Post: ‘Tiger Plays Golf – At Night!’

    New York Post: ‘Tiger Plays Golf – At Night!’

    Tiger Woods being on the cover of the New York Post is not exactly news these days, however, that is exactly what makes it news.  The Post title, which is hilarious and stupid all at once, states “Tiger Plays Golf – At Night!”  I bet you’re confused about why this is news.  After Woods was […]