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  • The 13 Hottest Girlfriends of Derek Jeter

    The 13 Hottest Girlfriends of Derek Jeter

    There’s an old saying among ballplayers: “chicks dig the long ball.” But have you seen our list of the hottest baseball WAGs of 2012? It’s not like it’s only filled with the wives and girlfriends of elite sluggers. Apparently, chicks dig the long ball, the ground ball, the passed ball—pretty much any kind of ball, […]

  • The Daily Gambling Fix 12/2/11 — Adriana Lima

    Adriana LimaHere are some of the best sports plays for all you gamblers out there.

    The Game: UCLA @ Oregon

    The Pick: Oregon -31

    The Reason: Thirty-one may seem like a lot of points, but it isn’t too much for the Oregon Ducks and their dynamic offense. Ranked third in points for in the entire nation, the Ducks have averaged an incredible 45.9 points per game this season…

  • 11 Supermodels Who Dated Athletes

    11 Supermodels Who Dated Athletes

    The supermodel is the holy grail of masculine lust. Unfortunately for most of us, if we want to avoid ending up alone, we can’t really wait around for a Belgian supermodel to walk into our neighborhood Starbucks. One of the perks of being a pro athlete, however, is that you can afford to be pretty […]

  • Marko Jaric Is One Lucky Guy

    Marko Jaric Is One Lucky Guy

    Total Pro Sports – Marko Jaric is officially my leader, idol, hero, basically call it what you what, he is number one in my books and now my new favorite basketball player (thats right even better then Michael Jordan). Why you ask??????? Simply because Marko Jaric has married his longtime girlfriend Adriana Lima.  I mean […]