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  • Wrestling Backflip Fail (GIF)

    Wrestling Backflip Fail (GIF)

    I don’t care how good of an actor you are, there is no faking the pain that comes from jumping off the top ropes and onto the floor outside the ring.  Sometimes that floor may be matted, but when the wrestling match is taking place in your average high school gym, there is a good […]

  • A 1/2 Rotation Backflip Can Be Rather Painful (GIF)

    A 1/2 Rotation Backflip Can Be Rather Painful (GIF)

    It may be safe to say that nothing makes a better GIF than a failed attempt at a gymnastics maneuver.  The seemingly slow motion and constant replay of someone falling flat on their face (or in this case, on their head) is especially pleasing, as long as you are not the one who has to […]

  • The Monster Truck Backflip

    The Monster Truck Backflip

    Total Pro Sports – The backflips we see in motor sports are often performed by some of the best dirt bike riders, and sometimes unintentionally by rally car drivers. Monster trucks are known more for their raw power than their acrobatics, but that changed with this attempt on an outdoor track.  After 30 seconds of […]

  • The Most Amazing Street Basketball Tricks Ever

    The Most Amazing Street Basketball Tricks Ever

    Total Pro Sports – Many people talk about how the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition is loosing its aura because of the lack of creativity.  Players these days just don’t have anything new to offer, and how can we blame them.  There is only so much the body can do.  Ball through the legs dunk.  Jump […]