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  • Close Call (GIF)

    Close Call (GIF)

    The next time you and your friend are thinking about taking a ride on the street with your bike or skateboard, you may want to be sure you look both ways before crossing that road.  Sure, that may seem like the kind of advice you would offer a 7-year-old, but even teenagers and adults are […]

  • Picture Of The Day:  He CLEARLY Likes His Bike

    Picture Of The Day: He CLEARLY Likes His Bike

    Could the message being sent by this guy be any clearer?  I don’t think so. Transparent bike, transparent suit, transparent helmet…He “clearly” enjoys a good bike ride as much as the next guy, and doesn’t mind looking like a complete fool in the process.  I’m not sure how well that bike rides, but it gives […]

  • Picture Of The Day: Tire Burn

    Picture Of The Day: Tire Burn

    I once won a bicycle that was from Wal-Mart at a stag.  After winning the bike, I decided to take it for a ride, but it was not long before I found myself laying on the asphalt after the pedal snapped off.  Lesson of the day?  If you intend on riding your bicycle, you may […]