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  • Rockets Von Wafer Gets Stuffed By Rim

    Rockets Von Wafer Gets Stuffed By Rim

    Total Pro Sports – Shocking but utterly true, this guys name is Von Wafer.  We had to double and triple check this name, finally confirming it on last nights box score, and yes the Houston Rockets beat the Boston Celtics last night minus Tracy McGrady. When reading this name first thing that comes to mind […]

  • Marbury May Be Boston-Bound

    Marbury May Be Boston-Bound

    Total Pro Sports – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and now Stephon Marbury??????? Is this a good move or a bad move for the Celtics?  In recent years it seems that every team that Starbury goes to he becomes a cancer in the locker room and the teams slowly fall apart.  With […]

  • NBA Power Rankings: Week 8

    NBA Power Rankings: Week 8

    Week: | Pre – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Total Pro Sports – The Boston Celtics are on fire and have won their last 18 straight games.  This week they again hold the #1 spot in this weeks NBA Power Rankings. Will the Boston Celtics […]

  • Boston Celtics win 16 in a Row!

    Boston Celtics win 16 in a Row!

    Total Pro Sports – The Boston Celtics won their 16th in a row Wednesday night, and with a stellar 24-2 record, let the debate begin between which team is better, The Los Angeles Lakers (21-3) or the Boston Celtics. Let’s see some numbers, shall we. Boston Cetics                                              Los Angeles Lakers 10)100.30                       (PPG)                            1) 108.37 2) 90.3                           (OPPG)                           […]

  • Stephon Marbury Courtside for Knicks/Lakers Game!

    Stephon Marbury Courtside for Knicks/Lakers Game!

    Total Pro Sports – Is this Fathomable?  Yes, Stephon (Starbury) Marbury was seen sitting court side as a fan to watch his Knicks play the Lakers.  He is making $21 million to sit courtside and watch his team.   I understand that he’s a disruption to the team and that not a lot of people like […]

  • Allen Iverson Is Motown Bound

    Allen Iverson Is Motown Bound

    Total Pro Sports – This is not an error, Allen Iverson is on his way to the Detroit Pistons.  Joe Dumars promised his fans during last years Eastern Conference loss that the Pistons would be revamped to compete with the Boston Celtics. “We just felt it was the right time to change our team,” Pistons […]

  • Celtics will take control

    Tonight is game 4 of the NBA finals and it is make or break time for Lakers. If the Celtics win tonight, the series is done as they would have a choke hold on the Lakers, However, if the Lakers win it is a brand new series. I have a strong feeling that the Celtics […]

  • Lakers/Celtics series dropped from Casinos

    Sportsline – Don’t Bet on it! Harrahs Entertainment has dropped all there betting lines from the Lakers/Boston series, becuase Gary Loveman bought 2.4% share in the Boston Celitcs last year. Under NBA rules, Harrahs is barred from accepting wagers becasue there is a conflict of interest. This means that 13 properties in Nevada alone will […]