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  • PETA Wont Be Happy About The Slaughtering Of Favre Goats

    PETA Wont Be Happy About The Slaughtering Of Favre Goats

    Total Pro Sports – Just when it seemed as though the NFL was back on PETA’s good side, with Michael Vick being a  changed man and now speaking on behalf of animal lovers, a few incidents has put the league back in the dog house. Yesterday pictures surfaced of Vikings running back (and NFL fantasy […]

  • Breaking News:  Brett Favre To Sign With Vikings

    Breaking News: Brett Favre To Sign With Vikings

    Total Pro Sports – Some say the only things you can guarantee in life are death and taxes.  It is now safe to add the fact that Brett Favre will never retire to that list. Reports from ESPN are stating that pending a physical, the former Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and New York Jets […]

  • Chad Greenway Questions Favre’s Loyalties

    Chad Greenway Questions Favre’s Loyalties

    Total Pro Sports – Amidst all the talk about Brett Favre coming back from retirement for the XXth time (I have seriously lost count), on Viking player is questioning his loyalties rather than welcoming in the veteran quarterback. In an interview on Monday, Vikings linebacker Chad Greenwayspoke of Favre, stating that he admired the leadership […]

  • The Madden Curse Continues

    The Madden Curse Continues

    Total Pro Sports- Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald are your Madden 2010 cover boys.  Now many people are speculating that they will be the latest victims of the long running Madden curse.  The curse supposedly affects those players who have graced the cover of the popular sports game over the years. Since 1999 EA sports […]

  • Muhsin Muhammad Is Selling His Home On eBay

    Muhsin Muhammad Is Selling His Home On eBay

    Total Pro Sports – Yesterday we reported that Brett Favre May Be Broke! Sells Ford F-150 On eBay! and now Carolina Panthers wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad and his wife Christa have listed their house on eBay for $1.9 million.

  • Brett Favre Retires Again!!!

    Brett Favre Retires Again!!!

    Total Pro Sports – 11 months after retiring the first time, Brett Favre has decided to call it quits for the second time and has told the New York Jets he’s once again retiring from football. Favre had instructed his agent, James “Bus” Cook, to inform the Jets on Wednesday that he is retiring. The […]

  • 2007 Fantasy Quarterback Stats

    2007 Fantasy Quarterback Stats

      With the upcoming NFL season around the corner, Total Pro Sports fantasy stats team has generated a list of the top 15 2007 Fantasy Quarterback Statistics.  These fantasy points will help you build the best available NFL fantasy team.     Player Team Pass TD’s Rush TD’s Points Tom Brady NE 192 200 10 12 414 Tony Romo […]

  • Favre a Jet…still a jerk

    Favre a Jet…still a jerk

    Good job Brett, you managed to do enough crying that the Packers finally gave in and shipped you out of town. The bad news is that you are now a member of the New York Jets. I hope you enjoyed the playoffs last year, because the Jets are not making it this year or next […]

  • Back off Brett!

    Back off Brett!

    Another day, another stupid rumor about Brett Favre returning to the NFL. I’m getting sick and tired of this ongoing is he or isn’t he, crap. Instead of coming out and having a press conference and admitting that all the rumors are untrue, he is standing around not doing anything but sending text messages to the […]