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  • Jose Canseco is Still The Man

    Jose Canseco is Still The Man

    Total Pro Sports-  Not all is bad for former baseball star Jose Canseco these days. Despite the fact that he is bankrupt and sold out all of his former friends to write his book, he sure seems happy.  He will be in the spotlight once again this weekend, as he takes on Danny Bonaduce in […]

  • Don’t Call it a Comeback

    Don’t Call it a Comeback

    Total Pro Sports-  Jose Canseco is at in again, this time he is facing off against former Partridge Family member Danny Bonaduce.  Times must be really tough for both of these pseudo-celebrities, because nothing says desperation like celebrity “boxing” . The last time Canseco stepped in the ring he got beat down by former Philedelphia […]