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  • Boston.com Error ‘Caps Shit Down B’s’

    Boston.com Error ‘Caps Shit Down B’s’

    Total Pro Sports – The title of this post speaks for itself, “Caps Shit Down B’s“.  This headline is not a mistake it was found on Boston.com website after the Boston Bruins lost to the Washington Capitals Wednesday night. The Caps Shit Down B’s heading is found under “Good Sign for the Yankees – Sabathia” […]

  • GO MATS GO……T.O. Montreal?

    GO MATS GO……T.O. Montreal?

    Total Pro Sports – So here it is, my first blog on the exploding TotalProSports.com. Now you ask, what is so important that I get off a comfortable leather couch, admist a gorgeous unit, in the 3rd period of a Penquins/Capitals game where the caps have tied it 3-3 in the third? The answer, the […]

  • 2008-09 NHL Predictions

    2008-09 NHL Predictions

    Total Pro Sports – It’s that time of year boys and girls, arn’t you excited?  With the upcoming NHL season under 24 hours away, our team of experts at TPS have come together and made their 2008-09 NHL Predictions.  The predictions consist of who they think will come first in each Division, win their Conference and lift the greatest trophy in sports “The Stanley […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Forwards

    Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Forwards

    Total Pro Sports – These 2008-2009 fantasy hockey Forwards will lead you to the top of your fantasy hockey league Championship.  Make sure you build a nice base of forwards on your team. If you don’t have a chance to select the top 8 players in the NHL, don’t worry because if you plan out […]