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  • 20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    You can’t blame soccer players for going big with their goal celebrations. There are so few opportunities, you just have to make the most out of each and every one. And of course, the same applies to fans. Given that there’s a 40% chance you’ll see a 0-0 draw any time you fork over your […]

  • Double Celebration FAIL! (GIF)

    Double Celebration FAIL! (GIF)

    Failed celebrations are nothing new to the world of sports.  We have seen plenty of them before, whether it was Nate Robinson going up and over Paul Pierce before landing on his neck, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic hyper-extending his elbow during a fist-pump. However, it isn’t often that we bear witness to the incredibly embarrassing double […]

  • MMA Backflip Celebration Fail (Video)

    MMA Backflip Celebration Fail (Video)

    With the rise of elaborate celebrations in sports these days, it only makes sense that we would see more failed celebrations.  That has been the case, as athletes from all sports seem to be susceptible to the ever-so-embarrassing botched celebration, from football and soccer players, to motor sports racers.  And now it appears as though […]

  • German Celebration Fail (Video)

    German Celebration Fail (Video)

    Perhaps it is a good thing Germany did not win the World Cup, else there may have been plenty more Deutschland douchebags falling out of cars and ending up on the ground, like this guy. What was he celebrating anyways? A quarterfinal victory? Your team didn’t win, and you had to suffer the pain of […]