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  • 27 Awesome Ankle-Breaker GIFs

    27 Awesome Ankle-Breaker GIFs

    Dunks are are fun to watch. Anybody who’s ever seen LeBron James show off at practice knows that. However, in it’s simplest, most basic form, a dunk is just a person dropping a ball through a hoop. Anybody who’s seven feet tall can do it, and you see about 10 to 20 dunks every time […]

  • The 15 Greatest Undefeated Teams of All-Time

    The 15 Greatest Undefeated Teams of All-Time

    Going undefeated for an entire season doesn’t necessarily earn a team a spot amongst the greatest of all-time. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt, does it? So today we’re going to rank the greatest undefeated teams of all-time. Before we get started, though, a few quick notes… First off, we’re not just talking regular season only, but […]