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  • 2009 NFL Draft Awards

    2009 NFL Draft Awards

    Total Pro Sports – Draft grades are the sane route to go, but where’s the fun in that? Instead I’ll give my thoughts on how each NFL team did within the shroud of mystery, collusion and controversy that is the awards system! Like the Oscars, but instead of laughing at whatever stupidity is presenting you […]

  • 2009 NFL Draft: Rise of the 3-4

    2009 NFL Draft: Rise of the 3-4

    Total Pro Sports – The Steelers have dominated with it. The Packers and Chiefs are transitioning to it. The Browns, Cowboys, Chargers, Jets and Patriots also use it. So what makes the 3-4 system so attractive for defensive coordinators, and what can the talented crop of hybrid linebackers do in the upcoming season?