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  • Try parkour, they said… (GIF)

    Try parkour, they said… (GIF)

    Someone must have told this guy to give parkour a try.  In hindsight, he probably shouldn’t have taken that advice.  Unfortunately for him, he did, and the end result was not a pretty one. Sure, chicks may dig scars, but not when they come via an embarrassing faceplant at the local park.  Better luck next […]

  • Kings’ Kyle Clifford Faceplants Into The Boards (Video)

    Kings’ Kyle Clifford Faceplants Into The Boards (Video)

    Kyle Clifford’s biggest enemy on the ice is usually the opposing team’s enforcer, but last night in Anaheim during a game against the Ducks, his most dangerous foe turned out to be the boards at the Honda Center. After running into the Ducks’ Brandon McMillan in the corner midway through the second period, Clifford fell […]

  • A Face Full Of Asphalt (GIF)

    A Face Full Of Asphalt (GIF)

    I am not quite sure what this guy was thinking when he decided to attempt a stunt using a rickety old bike with a basket attached to the front of it, but I’ll bet he didn’t expect it to result in one of the greatest faceplant gifs ever.  Although, I guess the victims in most […]

  • Southern Utah Cheerleader Suffers Nasty Faceplant (Video)

    Southern Utah Cheerleader Suffers Nasty Faceplant (Video)

    Despite being on the sidelines for much of the game, a cheerleader’s duties can often be more dangerous that those of the players they are rooting for.  That statement could have you asking yourself, “is this guy crazy?”  After all, what could be worse than having a basketball thrown at your face, or taking a […]

  • Cute Girl Faceplants Off Bike And Into Creek (Video)

    Cute Girl Faceplants Off Bike And Into Creek (Video)

    When I was growing up, I used to take my Schwinn over hundreds of makeshift ramps, hills, and bridges. It was absolutely exhilarating to finish any of the said runs successfully, but I’ve certainly had my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way. Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever tried to go over […]

  • BMX Faceplant (GIF)

    BMX Faceplant (GIF)

    This guy likely had dreams of soaring through the air on his bike, but unfortunately, those dreams came crashing to the ground, face first.  Perhaps he has watched one too many Anthony Napolitan highlight tapes, however, it looks as though it may be quite a while before we witness our amateur friend landing the dreaded […]

  • Female Diver Smashes Face against Diving Board (Video)

    Female Diver Smashes Face against Diving Board (Video)

    We’ll call this dive the single somersault face plant.  Its degree of difficulty is quite high, but I think it is fair to say that this young female nailed it, literally! Diving board faceplants have to be one of the most frightening sports catastrophes.  Think about it.  You are about to dive into a deep […]

  • Bone-Crushing Dirt Bike Faceplant [Video]

    Bone-Crushing Dirt Bike Faceplant [Video]

    Total Pro Sports – Extreme sports are known for giving us high flying tricks that include huge air. This home made video has nothing to do with either of those things. This genius dirt bike superstar decided to build a little ramp to jump his bike off, and the proceeds to fail as bad as […]