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  • Dancing Fan At US Open Falls Down The Stairs (Video)

    Dancing Fan At US Open Falls Down The Stairs (Video)

      Falling appears to be a common theme at the 2012 US Open. Earlier in the day we provided you with footage of a ball boy taking a spill during last night’s second-round match between Roger Federer and Bjorn Phau at Arthur Ashe Stadium. And now we bring you this; an old man showing off […]

  • US Open Ball Boy Takes A Spill (Video)

    US Open Ball Boy Takes A Spill (Video)

      Being a ball boy seems like such an easy job. Run across the court.  Pick up the ball.  Run to the other side.  Repeat another 200 times. How hard could it be, right? Well that seemingly simple sequence of tasks hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most eventful occupations in sports.  After […]

  • Is This The Worst Penalty Kick In The History Of Soccer?

    Is This The Worst Penalty Kick In The History Of Soccer?

    There are a lot of ways to botch a penalty kick. You can hit the post or the crossbar. You can shoot wide or high. You can put it where the keeper can actually get to it.  Or you can whiff altogether and fall on your butt. Any one of these scenarios would be embarrassing, […]

  • 20 Gymnastics Fail GIFs

    20 Gymnastics Fail GIFs

    Yesterday we told about American gymnast McKayla Maroney and her jaw-dropping vault during the team all-around competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics. It was so good that it literally left the judges flabbergasted, and yet they didn’t award it a perfect score. Of course, losing a few tenths of a point didn’t hurt the USA […]

  • This San Francisco Giants Ball Girl Makes A Routine Play Look Hard (Video)

    This San Francisco Giants Ball Girl Makes A Routine Play Look Hard (Video)

    In Philadelphia, the fans are notoriously hard on everybody who sets foot on the field at Citizens Bank Park—players and non-players alike. In fact, they’re so vicious that the Phillies even tried hiring Hooters waitresses to be ball girls in the hope that this might placate the angry masses. But that didn’t work either, as […]

  • 29 Amazing Workout Gifs

    29 Amazing Workout Gifs

    UPDATE: Working out is kind of a drag, particularly if you’re already in a sedentary position in front of your computer. But maybe you’re looking for some extra motivation to get up and start exercising. If so, find another page, because these workout GIFs will only solidify any decision you’ve made never to go near […]

  • 25 Hilarious Diving Fails (GIFs)

    25 Hilarious Diving Fails (GIFs)

    When the temperature is soaring and the summer sun is blazing, nothing feels better than diving into a cold pool or lake. To go suddenly from painfully hot to blissfully cool is just one of life’s great pleasures, right up there with cracking open a cold one after a long afternoon of yard work, or […]

  • 29 Awesome Golf GIFs

    29 Awesome Golf GIFs

    Golf is a versatile sport. It can be subtle, or it can be incredible. It can be serene and beautiful, or it can be infuriating and ugly. It can be classy and sophisticated, or it can be downright hilarious. You get the idea. Anyway, today we celebrate the sport with this list of awesome golf […]

  • 15 Funniest Tennis Fail Gifs

    15 Funniest Tennis Fail Gifs

    With Wimbeldon in full swing, we’ve got tennis on the brain. But rather than focus on the high level of play going on at the All England Club, we’ve decided to set our sites a bit lower. Specifically, we’ve compiled the 15 funniest tennis fail gifs we could find. From broken rackets to Wii tennis […]