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  • Top 5 Fantasy Linebackers

    Top 5 Fantasy Linebackers

    These are the Fantasy Linebackers you want on your IDP team this season.  Linebackers are the best option on defense to score you the most points and these guys will bring it every single week. 1.  Patrick Willis Coming off a monster rookie year this guy will be the first LB taken in almost every […]

  • Fantasy Football Leagues

    Fantasy Football Leagues

    Today there are many different types of fantasy football leagues. It is important to know about the major differences between these leagues in order to build an effective team. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular types of leagues. PPR league (Points Per Reception) This fantasy league awards added points to player […]

  • Fantasy Football Tips

    Fantasy Football Tips

    Fantasy football tips help you win your pool and claim your prize. Fantasy Football is a great way to gamble and have fun with your friends or other people. It builds comradery, bonding, etc. Now those are all good parts about fantasy football but at the end of the day you want to win! So […]

  • Fantasy Football Logos

    Fantasy Football Logos

    In 2008 every Fantasy Football league or team will have it’s own unqiue logo representing themselves.  So Total Pro Sports has generated a list of logos that can be used for all your leagues. Fantasy Football Pimps The Audible The Crazy Footballers The Big Kahunas Ur Mom These are just a few 2008 Fantasy Football Logos we have […]

  • Fantasy Football Team Names

    Fantasy Football Team Names

      Everyone’s fantasy football team names are unique.  For the upcoming 2008 fantasy football season we have created a list of fantasy football team names that can be used in your league.       The Ballers HHHHHHuuuuuunwaaaaatttttt Don Carbs U Got No Shot Talk To Me Now Itchy Nutz The Cherry Poppers The Flying Muslims […]

  • Fantasy Football Draft tips

    Fantasy Football Draft tips

    Use these Fantasy Football Draft tips to help build yourself a monster fantasy team.   1. Good players from good teams This is one of my number one rules because it can be the difference between your team winning or losing this upcoming season. Focus on trying to get the best available players from the […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends

    Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends

    Total Pro Sports picks for the Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends for the upcoming 2008 season. Are they receivers? Or are they just fast offensive linemen? I don’t know, but if you mange to get any of these guys on your next fantasy team, you will be in good shape. 1. Antonio Gates The consensus best […]

  • Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Here is a look at the Quarterbacks who will not help your team win the fantasy football championship this year: 1. Matt Leinart Once considered to be the best QB in college football, he now can’t win the starting job over Kurt Warner. All the pieces are in place for Leinart to have a solid […]