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  • Happy Fourth Of July!!!

    Happy Fourth Of July!!!

    On July 1st, we celebrated Canada’s birthday by providing you with the worst rendition of “O’ Canada” to ever grace our eardrums at a sporting event (no surprise that it came during a Canadian Football League game being played in Las Vegas).  Today, to celebrate Independence Day, we bring you what may very well be […]

  • Chris Kaman’s $10,000 Fourth Of July Firework Party (Video)

    Chris Kaman’s $10,000 Fourth Of July Firework Party (Video)

    Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend on fireworks, but when you are making $12 million per year, I guess it really isn’t that much.  That is the way Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman looked at it as he prepared to put on a show for his neighbors in West Michigan […]