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  • This Silicone Wang May Be The Key To Winning In Sports (Video)

    This Silicone Wang May Be The Key To Winning In Sports (Video)

    Most coaches will tell you that the key to winning in sports is practice, hard work and dedication.  That is because most coaches have never heard about Dildo Sports, “the first strap-on athletic accessory that helps you play hard and win big!” Dildo Sport may appear to be nothing more than a strap-on dildo, but […]

  • 15 Hilarious NHL GIFs

    15 Hilarious NHL GIFs

    Hmmm…Good introduction for a list of 15 funny, dumb hockey GIF’s. Hmmm. There isn’t too much to say here, so let me just run you through some high points of the next 15 images. We have sexual gestures, crotch shots, more than a handful of people falling down, and green man (men). If that doesn’t […]

  • 15 Hilarious NBA GIFs

    15 Hilarious NBA GIFs

    Oh GIF’s! What would life be like without you? That’s right, almost exactly the same, but slightly less obnoxious. Well, as silly as this technology is (and it’s quite silly), there are a disarming number of funny ones online. Without our good friend “GIFs,” I wouldn’t have known that LeBron has amazingly smelly farts or […]

  • The 9 Goofiest Names in Sports

    The 9 Goofiest Names in Sports

    I always felt like there were more, but in boning up on this list topic, I found that there aren’t quite as many funny names as one would think. But the March Madness tournament is always a great place to mine at least four funny names per year. Combine that with college football, and it […]

  • Tiger’s Frosted Hoes T-Shirt (PIC)

    Tiger’s Frosted Hoes T-Shirt (PIC)

    Tony the Tiger’s Frosted Flakes are quite the treat, but it seems like another Tiger has outdone this children’s cereal cartoon character. Introducing Tiger Woods‘ Frosted Hoes! Apparently there are several to choose from, including Joslyn James, Holly Sampson, Jaimee Grubbs, and many more.  And for those of you who may be wondering how good […]

  • Giddiest Kid Ever Really Loves Basketball (Video)

    Giddiest Kid Ever Really Loves Basketball (Video)

    Meet Adam. He’s got that joy, joy, joy down in his heart. Also, he may have been over-medicated at some point through out the day. For all we know, he could be on some sort of happy steroid. Whatever it is, if you don’t like this kid you’re worse than a baseball manager that punches […]

  • To all Italy Fans and gamblers!

    I got into this argument yesterday with a degenerate buddie so I decided it was a great post and life lesson for all gamblers out there. We wont name names here but well call this person “Don Carbs”. I called up “Don Carbs” last night to see what was going on and if he had […]

  • Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    Missign Persons- Sidney Crosby!

    I recieved this text yesterday night from a Red Wings Fan and thought it fit perfectly after games 1 and 2. “Missing child, His name is Sidney Crosby. Approx 6 feet, 185 lbs. Has been missing for the past 2 games. If you have seen him his team is ooking for him. Wings Wat!!!!!” Thanks, […]