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  • Mascots Doing Crazy Things (Gallery)

    Mascots Doing Crazy Things (Gallery)

    Most people assume that all the action at sporting events take place on the field, ice or court, but that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes it may be the fans in the stands providing some entertainment through their own creative manner.  Other times it is the mascots providing those in attendance with something to talk […]

  • 6 Classic Simpsons Sports Scenes (Videos)

    6 Classic Simpsons Sports Scenes (Videos)

    The Simpsons have been around for 20 years and for all the laughs they have brought us, some of their best moments have revolved around sports. Yesterday we looked at the 25 best simpsons sports moments, and today we are continuing that by featuring 6 classic sports scenes.

  • 25 Great Sports Moments in Simpsons History

    25 Great Sports Moments in Simpsons History

    With the Simpsons entering their 20 year anniversary, we here at TPS have decided to pay tribute to them with a look back at 25 Great Sports Moments in The Simpsons History. My favorite is The Simpsons Hockey game which is yours?

  • 20 Gruesome Sports Injuries (Pics)

    20 Gruesome Sports Injuries (Pics)

    We have previously given you some of the most gruesome sports injuries, from Oupa Ngubule horrific broken leg to an MMA fighter snapping his leg in half during a fight. Here are 20 more that should spook you during this frightening time of year