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  • Awesome Street Drift (GIF)

    Awesome Street Drift (GIF)

    This image of “the perfect drift” on the streets at night should be enough to make any rally car racer proud.  After all, if they all had skills like this, there would likely be a lot less spectators getting hit and cars falling off cliffs.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be this good. It really is […]

  • Stop Kicking Yourself (GIF)

    Stop Kicking Yourself (GIF)

    WWE wrestling is a lot like the random scrums you’d have with your little brother growing up, but taken to the next level.  They’re not real, but they’re entertaining nonetheless.  Let’s say you throw a pillow at your brother,  a WWE wrestler would take a chair and smash it over someone’s head.   When you’re […]

  • A-Rod Strokes His Bat (GIF)

    A-Rod Strokes His Bat (GIF)

    Just when we thought Torii Hunter had the best pre-swing gesture in baseball history, along comes Alex Rodriguez to steal the show. A-Rod’s sex life seems to have garnered much attention during his time with the New York Yankees, and although most of the time he has been able to maintain himself while on the […]

  • I Love Track and Field (GIF)

    I Love Track and Field (GIF)

    We may be in the middle of the Winter Olympics, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pay tribute to the Summer Games and some of their wonderful uniforms.  After all, although there may be some opportunities to see these cold weather athletes in Vancouver show some skin, there certainly are not many. So here is […]

  • Take A Ride On The Human Skateboard (GIF)

    Take A Ride On The Human Skateboard (GIF)

    Skateboarding may already be entertaining enough, but there is always a way to make anything even more interesting, and the same holds true in this case as well.  So what did we have in mind?  How about human skateboarding! It is pretty simple.  All it takes is one person standing on top of another human […]

  • Anyone Know the Name of this Workout? (GIF)

    Anyone Know the Name of this Workout? (GIF)

    Hey ladies, do you need something to help you work on the definition in your forearms, biceps, triceps, and cleavage all at once? Well, then we have just the apparatus for you. Check out this springy rod that forces you to keep your elbows in, your chesticles sticking out, and you to push in to […]

  • I Hate Golf (GIF)

    I Hate Golf (GIF)

    We have seen Tiger Woods experience his fair share of blow ups while on the golf course.  There is something about the manner in which he does it that makes it seem as though even when he screws up, he is the best at tossing his club, or yelling at some innocent spectator who may […]

  • This is Why Treadmills Have Safety Cords (GIF)

    This is Why Treadmills Have Safety Cords (GIF)

    When will people learn that treadmills are not toys?  How many broken faces and body bruises will it take?  I guess we can add one more to that number after watching this female take a nasty spill.  She seems to be having a great time running through the gym with her friend as they test […]

  • Did He Just Celebrate By Biting His…? (GIF)

    Did He Just Celebrate By Biting His…? (GIF)

    When it comes to celebrations, soccer rarely disappoints.  Sometimes they may be quite comical, and other times they can be a little too homoerotic for some.  Let’s chalk this one up as a bit of both.  Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, this guy was not afraid of his teammate’s member.  In fact, he seems to be quite […]

  • Hot Girl Gives Us The Greatest Victory Celebration Ever (GIF)

    Hot Girl Gives Us The Greatest Victory Celebration Ever (GIF)

    Seeing as how everyone is in the mood to celebrate, we thought we would provide our readers at TotalProSports with what may in fact be the greatest victory celebration ever.  Does it get any better than a hot female with a firm ass jumping around? She may not have the same amount of junk in […]

  • Drunk Vagina Celebration (GIF)

    Drunk Vagina Celebration (GIF)

    When it comes to sports, we all know the old adage: Defense wins championships.  As for the fans, they always seem to know how to get their defensive unit pumped up, and those signs with the “D” and a fence certainly seem to work. As for this guy, we are still trying to figure out […]

  • Which Way Is The Beach? (GIF)

    Which Way Is The Beach? (GIF)

    The beach can be a great place to take in some lovely scenery, whether it’s Kim Kardashian tossing around the pigskin, Caroline Wozniacki taking in some rays, or a Serena Williams nipple slip.  Each of these things can be quite pleasing to the eye, as long as you are into sexy women. However, women and […]

  • I Think She’s Doing It All Wrong (GIF)

    I Think She’s Doing It All Wrong (GIF)

    I have previously stated that there is no better GIF than the failed gymnast, and while I still believe this to be true, I think it may be fair to say that the failed treadmill GIF is a close second.  Here is our proof. I don’t know what these two females were trying to do, […]

  • Beer Can + Friend’s Head = Hockey Target Practice (GIF)

    Beer Can + Friend’s Head = Hockey Target Practice (GIF)

    Just like the song says, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”  Even when that so-called “help” means standing in the line of fire during your friend’s target practice.  We have seen it in golf before, and now we are witnessing it in hockey. After all, what good is a friend if […]

  • Balance Beam Somersault Face Plant (GIF)

    Balance Beam Somersault Face Plant (GIF)

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.  There may not be a better GIF than the failed gymnastics GIF.  The popular example is the backflip that just doesn’t work out as planned, but if you want to take things to the next level, why not throw in a balance beam? That is exactly […]