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  • 17 Most Ridiculous GIFs From The NFL’s Replacement Ref Fiasco

    17 Most Ridiculous GIFs From The NFL’s Replacement Ref Fiasco

    Well, the replacement ref nightmare is over. Just before the clock struck midnight yesterday, the NFL reached an agreement with the referees’ union that will have the regular zebras back on the field for tonight’s game between the Ravens and Browns. Apparently Roger Goodell and company couldn’t stomach the idea of another nationally televised game […]

  • 21 Hilarious Referee GIFs

    21 Hilarious Referee GIFs

    Referees have tough jobs. They have to be experts on the rulebooks and make difficult, on-the-spot decisions and interpretations. And what do they get for their efforts? Well, if they do a good job, they get no recognition whatsoever. If they do a bad job, however, they become utterly despited and the targets of vitriolic […]

  • 22 Goofy Sports Faces (GIFs)

    22 Goofy Sports Faces (GIFs)

    There are 43 distinct muscles in the human face. Thus, any time you exert yourself, any time you are emotionally invested in something, or any time something completely unexpected happens, your face tells the story. And since the world of sports produces a lot of exertion, emotions, and unexpected events, it also produces a lot […]

  • 25 Awesome Football Catch GIFs

    25 Awesome Football Catch GIFs

    When you were a kid, September was an awful time of year because it meant one thing: going back to school. However, when you get older, September becomes the best month of the year. Why? Because that’s when football starts up again after a miserable six-month hiatus. Oh sure, the CFL starts up in mid […]

  • 20 Awesome Soccer Save GIFs

    20 Awesome Soccer Save GIFs

    It’s good to have a skilled goalie in soccer who can make big saves, but not as important as in a sport like hockey, and probably not nearly as important as one would assume. In hockey, after all, there are usually 15-30 shots on goal per game, and with the net being just 6 feet […]

  • 25 Best GIFs From The 2012 Summer Olympics

    25 Best GIFs From The 2012 Summer Olympics

    The 2012 Summer Olympics may be gone forever, but their greatest (and worst…not to mention their most hilarious) moments will live on forever. In what form will these moments live on forever? Well, it won’t be in video, that’s for sure. The IOC has already begun scouring the world wide web, looking for illicitly uploaded […]

  • 20 Gymnastics Fail GIFs

    20 Gymnastics Fail GIFs

    I think the problem is obvious. Judges just haven’t seen enough bad gymnastics to the know the really good stuff when they see it. So I decided to help them out by doing a list of 20 awesome gymnastics fail GIFs. The gymnastics judges can study these before they hand out any more medals so […]

  • 29 Amazing Workout GIFs

    29 Amazing Workout GIFs

    UPDATE: Workout GIFs continue to be produced at an alarming rate, with many analysts worried that our economy will be unable to keep up. But we can do the best we can, in part by adding a few extra workout GIFs for you to enjoy – these two from TV and the movies, which just […]

  • 25 Hilarious Diving Fails (GIFs)

    25 Hilarious Diving Fails (GIFs)

    When the temperature is soaring and the summer sun is blazing, nothing feels better than diving into a cold pool or lake. To go suddenly from painfully hot to blissfully cool is just one of life’s great pleasures, right up there with cracking open a cold one after a long afternoon of yard work, or […]

  • 31 Badass MMA Knockout GIFs

    31 Badass MMA Knockout GIFs

    Anderson Silva‘s knockout of Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 this past Saturday was pretty awesome. I mean, come on—knee to the chest? That’s epic. It was so great, in fact, that the WWE’s C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan reenacted it during their match on Monday Night Raw this week. So choosing a topic for today’s […]

  • 15 Funniest Tennis Fail Gifs

    15 Funniest Tennis Fail Gifs

    With Wimbeldon in full swing, we’ve got tennis on the brain. But rather than focus on the high level of play going on at the All England Club, we’ve decided to set our sites a bit lower. Specifically, we’ve compiled the 15 funniest tennis fail gifs we could find. From broken rackets to Wii tennis […]

  • 20 Douchetastic Lebron James Gifs

    20 Douchetastic Lebron James Gifs

    Let’s not kid ourselves. After tonight’s game, LeBron James will probably have a championship trophy hoisted above his head. Up until now, his detractors could relish in the fact that the most vilified man in the NBA had never gone the distance. But unless the Thunder can manage a three-game winning streak, all LeBron’s haters […]

  • 20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    20 Soccer Celebration GIFs

    You can’t blame soccer players for going big with their goal celebrations. There are so few opportunities, you just have to make the most out of each and every one. And of course, the same applies to fans. Given that there’s a 40% chance you’ll see a 0-0 draw any time you fork over your […]

  • 22 Fantastic Ping Pong GIFs

    22 Fantastic Ping Pong GIFs

    Sometimes it’s called table tennis; other times it’s called ping pong. The difference? Well, if you play it in a gym in shorts and sneakers with your arms flailing all over the place, it’s table tennis. If you play it in your basement and the paddle has orange fingerprints on it from the Doritos you […]