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  • Detroit Lions’ Joseph Fauria Celebrates Touchdown With ‘N Sync Dance (GIF)

    Detroit Lions’ Joseph Fauria Celebrates Touchdown With ‘N Sync Dance (GIF)

    It’s doubtful that anyone would claim that we’re currently living in a golden age of touchdown celebration dances (what with all of the NFL’s anti-celebration rules), but some brave individuals have continued to carry the torch for the dying art form. Take, for example, Joseph Fauria of the Detroit Lions, who celebrated a TD during yesterday’s […]

  • 21 Awesome Neymar GIFs

    21 Awesome Neymar GIFs

    Serious soccer fans have been following the career of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior—or simply Neymar for short—for several years now. The 21-year-old Brazilian has finished in the top 10 in voting for FIFA’s player of the year award, and in 2011 he won the Puskás Award for best goal of the year. However, all […]

  • The 9 Dirtiest Plays of Ndamukong Suh (GIFs)

    The 9 Dirtiest Plays of Ndamukong Suh (GIFs)

    Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is only in his fourth NFL season, but he’s already acquired a reputation as the dirtiest player in the league. Officially, of course, this is a bad thing. But  Lions fans who like the idea of actually winning football games probably don’t mind all that much. They probably echo […]

  • Fletcher Cox Isn’t Going to Help Up Philip Rivers (GIF)

    Fletcher Cox Isn’t Going to Help Up Philip Rivers (GIF)

    The Philadelphia Eagles‘ Fletcher Cox just wasn’t feeling very gentlemanly during yesterday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. At least, that would appear to be the case judging by the GIF below, which shows Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers trying to get a helping hand from Cox, and being soundly denied. It’s a good demonstration of […]

  • 30 NFL Fan GIFs

    30 NFL Fan GIFs

    In Major League Baseball they play 162 games. As a result the fans really have to pace themselves. They don’t want to go bonkers in first few weeks of the season and burn out before their team even gets started. However, in the NFL there are only 16 games and only eight of them are played […]

  • Watch Johnny Manziel “Sign” a Touchdown Pass (GIF)

    Watch Johnny Manziel “Sign” a Touchdown Pass (GIF)

    Here’s a funny reaction to Johnny Manziel‘s autographs-for-cash controversy: an animated GIF showing the Texas A&M quarterback signing a football in the clutch before launching a touchdown pass. The effect is pretty convincing (if you send it to your mom you might be able to convince her it’s real). It’s also fun to imagine future […]

  • 25 GIFs of People Getting Hit in the Head by a Ball

    25 GIFs of People Getting Hit in the Head by a Ball

    What is it about seeing people get hit in the head by a ball that makes us laugh? It’s rarely funny to those who must suffer the indignity. In fact, sometimes it hurts. A lot. And yet still we laugh. That’s kind of weird, don’t you think? That being said, in the end I don’t […]

  • 37 Amateur Athlete Fail GIFs

    37 Amateur Athlete Fail GIFs

    It’s no secret that we here at Total Pro Sports love animated GIFs, especially when they show athletes failing miserably at whatever sport they are playing. However, the vast majority of the time, the fail GIFs we show you are professional athletes. That’s mostly because it’s fun to make fun of rich people who are […]

  • The 21 Best Baseball Fail GIFs of 2013

    The 21 Best Baseball Fail GIFs of 2013

    There are just over six weeks left in the 2013 MLB season. Of course, that still leaves a lot of baseball to be played and a handful of playoff spots to be won, so you can’t really talk about things like who will win a batting title, or Cy Young award, or anything serious like […]

  • Is This The Most Insane Basketball Shot Of All-Time? (GIF)

    Is This The Most Insane Basketball Shot Of All-Time? (GIF)

    There’s a channel over on YouTube called CKDTrickShots, and pretty much all the videos are of a bunch of high school kids in Oregon making ridiculous trick basketball shots. They started about three years ago and really only went strong for a year before the real world (college, maybe?) took a bite out of their […]

  • 27 Badass Shark GIFs

    27 Badass Shark GIFs

    I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the hell out of Shark Week. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day at work than watching terrifying sea creatures tear cute sea creatures to bits with their ferocious teeth, amiright? Of course, like all good things, Shark Week is going to come to […]

  • 33 Sexy Workout GIFs

    33 Sexy Workout GIFs

    When Alexander Graham Bell invented the internet, he envisioned a world in which communication and information would flow freely back and forth across the globe, enlightening and unifying humanity as never before. What we got was digital piracy, grumpy cat, and animated GIFs of attractive women working out—so, you know, pretty close. Now, since digital […]

  • 31 Animated GIFs of Bone Crushing Rugby Hits

    31 Animated GIFs of Bone Crushing Rugby Hits

    There are so many different sports out there that are worthy of my attention, and I just don’t have time to follow them all. So because I live in North America, where gridiron football is king, that’s the version I pay the most attention to. However, I’m pretty sure that, if I lived in one […]

  • 19 Soccer Dancing GIFs

    19 Soccer Dancing GIFs

    You see lots of dancing in the world of sports. Sometimes it’s in an end zone; sometimes it’s in the clubhouse before the game; sometimes it’s on the charter flight after the game, and sometimes it’s up in the stands, courtesy of inebriated fans. However, I’d say that nobody in the world of sports likes to dance like soccer players. […]