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  • 12 Weird Pro Golf Disqualifications

    12 Weird Pro Golf Disqualifications

    No sport is easier to cheat at than golf. For this reason, golf has the most thorough and complicated rulebook in the history of sport. But one of the biggest ironies of this complex code of rules is that, in trying to prevent “cheating,” it actually makes it more prevalent. How so? Because the rules […]

  • 9 Memorable Masters Moments (Videos)

    9 Memorable Masters Moments (Videos)

    “A tradition unlike any other.” Kind of arrogant, but true. While golf is steeped in tradition from Pebble Beach to St. St. Andrews, no course or tournament pays tribute to the past with the jackets, the unchanging concession prices, and other controversial traditions. Well, it’s not all just a bunch of smoke. This is the […]