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  • Stupid Guy Vs. Treadmill (GIF)

    Stupid Guy Vs. Treadmill (GIF)

    Filed under the “Not quite as smooth as the musical group OK Go,” here is a relatively overweight man trying to make good on his New Year’s Resolution by hopping on the treadmill for a change. Of course, he hasn’t used the machine since last New Year’s, so it has some minor kinks in it […]

  • Hilarious Shake Weight for Women Commercial (Video)

    Hilarious Shake Weight for Women Commercial (Video)

    Nothing like a classic commercial with one enormous double entendre.  The shake weight commercials are about as obvious as a hunky looking guy delivering a pizza to a scandalously clad woman. The commercial comes right around the same time as the shake weight for men.  The premise of the commercial is basically just as it […]

  • Treadmill Tumbler (GIF)

    Treadmill Tumbler (GIF)

    I applaud this guy for sticking to his New Year’s resolution and being innovative with the treadmill, but I think if there’s anyone around him, properly using the treadmill, they need to pause their session and let this poor guy know he’s using it all wrong.  Or not.  Damn, this is impressive.  I can’t imagine […]

  • This Back Flip Attempt Never Had A Chance

    This Back Flip Attempt Never Had A Chance

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that this guy is not a gymnast (Check out these 25 Hot Flexible Gymnasts)  And if you couldn’t tell upon first glance, all you need to do is watch him perform this daring back flip.  I think it’s safe to say that this backflip attempt never stood […]