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  • Another Vicious Soccer Headbutt (Video)

    Another Vicious Soccer Headbutt (Video)

    What is it with soccer players and headbutts? In a Champion’s League play-in match between Spain’s Villarreal and Denmark’s Odense, a rather minor run-in between two players quickly turned unnecessarily violent. Andreas Johansson of Odense took down Borja Valera of Villarreal. The foul was probably worth a yellow card, but it wasn’t especially vicious. After […]

  • AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso Chokes, Headbutts Tottenham Coach (Videos)

    AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso Chokes, Headbutts Tottenham Coach (Videos)

    It wasn’t AC Milan’s day today as they fell to Tottenham by a score of 1-0 during the first leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 match-up. After a scoreless first half, the Rossoneri dominated the run of play for much of the second half, but couldn’t capitalize on their chances.  Tottenham, on […]

  • Fake Headbutt Double KO (GIF)

    Fake Headbutt Double KO (GIF)

    We all know that soccer players can be whiny diving sissies at times, and the same can be said about their coaches as well.  This clip says it all, as a player and the opposing coach exchange a few words before butting heads.  At that point, it is a race to see who can hit […]

  • Dad Goes At Referee After Boxing Match

    Dad Goes At Referee After Boxing Match

    Total Pro Sports – It is always nice to have family in your corner during a fight, but sometimes the added emotions they bring can turn nasty.  This time the victim of that nastiness was the referee. During a boxing match in Finland, Juho Tolppola was warned, then disqualified by the ref for a headbutt.  […]