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  • 2 NHL Franchises In Toronto?

    2 NHL Franchises In Toronto?

    Total Pro Sports – Imagine having 2 NHL franchises in the city of Toronto? You may think this is funny, but it’s reality. Reported by the Globe and Mail today, is that NHL governors have been talking and it was discussed possibly having 2 franchises in the city of Toronto or in Southern Ontario. “Why […]

  • Schenn Should Stay

    Schenn Should Stay

    Total Pro Sports – With Luke Schenn getting close to playing his magical 9th game of the NHL season the question of whether he should stay or be sent down has come up a lot in the past few days. Well I’m here to lay it to rest and say that he should stay! Now […]

  • NHL Power Rankings: Weeks 1 & 2

    NHL Power Rankings: Weeks 1 & 2

    Total Pro Sports – The NHL season is two weeks in so it’s time to start the weekly NHL Power Rankings. As has been the trend since the lockout there were some teams who surprised, some who underachieved and some who did just as well as everyone thought. The biggest loser in our NHL Power […]

  • GO MATS GO……T.O. Montreal?

    GO MATS GO……T.O. Montreal?

    Total Pro Sports – So here it is, my first blog on the exploding TotalProSports.com. Now you ask, what is so important that I get off a comfortable leather couch, admist a gorgeous unit, in the 3rd period of a Penquins/Capitals game where the caps have tied it 3-3 in the third? The answer, the […]

  • Tampa Bay Lightning Interested In Mats Sundin

    Tampa Bay Lightning Interested In Mats Sundin

    Total Pro Sports – This I think this turning into a big joke now.  “Mats, just pick a team and get this saga over with.  You know you want to win a cup and in Toronto your gonna have a hard time doing so.  Just sign with a cup contender and move on with your […]

  • From Ice to Felt: Mats Sundin Signs With Poker Stars

    From Ice to Felt: Mats Sundin Signs With Poker Stars

    The great Mats Sundin has decided to play poker instead of joining an NHL training camp. Mats Sundin has just recently signed on with the largest online poker room on the net “Poker Stars”. I guess the prospect of playing online poker is better than playing for the Maple Leafs. Who can blame him really, […]

  • NHL Rumors, Who’s On Their Way Out?

    NHL Rumors, Who’s On Their Way Out?

    August is usually the slowest time of the year for rumors, but there have been a few flying around the last few days that I think we should talk about. Bryan McCabe waives his NMC to go to Florida I don’t doubt for a second that he has waived it, however there is a clause […]

  • Fantasy Football Leagues

    Fantasy Football Leagues

    Today there are many different types of fantasy football leagues. It is important to know about the major differences between these leagues in order to build an effective team. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular types of leagues. PPR league (Points Per Reception) This fantasy league awards added points to player […]

  • Why L.A. Why?

    Why L.A. Why?

    Now why in your right mind would you trade Mike Cammalleri? Hello, Dean Lombardi, I’m talking to you!! Cammalleri, who turned 26 last week, had 19 goals and 28 assists in 63 games last season. His best season was 2006-07, when he had 31 goals and 46 assists in 81 games. Yes, that’s right, Dean […]

  • Total Pro Sports NHL Mock Draft 2008

    Total Pro Sports NHL Mock Draft 2008

    With the NHL draft just around the corner, this is what Total Pro Sports think the first round could look like: 1. Tampa Bay- Steven Stamkos, C, Sarnia Sting (OHL) 5’11″ 178 lbs, 58-47-108 2. Los Angeles- Drew Doughty, D, Guelph Storm (OHL) 5’11″ 213 lbs, 13-37-50 3. Atlanta- Zach Bogosian, Peterborough Petes (OHL) 6’1 […]

  • Somewhere Don Cherry is crying

    Somewhere Don Cherry is crying

    Congratulations, to the Detroit Red Wings on winning the Stanley cup, and more importantly to Captain Niklas Lidstrom. You have won the Stanley cup and in doing so you have put to rest the old cliché that a European captain will never win one. For all those people who have long believed that a team […]

  • Hockey Night In Canada a Retirement Home?

    Hockey Night In Canada a Retirement Home?

    Now I understand that the maple leafs are the highlight team of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, but does that mean that they have to run their broadcasting crew in the same way as the inept leafs have been running their team for so long? And in case you are wondering what i mean by […]

  • Where have you gone Geno Malkin?

    Where have you gone Geno Malkin?

    With the Stanley cup final just about done as Detroit has opened a 3-1 strangle hold on Pittsburgh most people are left wondering what the hell happened to Evgeni Malkin. After watching game four it was evident to me that much of Malkin’s problems stem from the fact that Detroit is simply shutting him down. […]

  • Steven Crosby Who?

    Steven Crosby Who?

    Detroit Red Wings PA Announcer “Budd Lynch” made a little error in Game 1 on Saturday in Detroit. He announced the opening faceoff between Sidney Crosby and Niklas Lidtstrom as “Pitsburgh Penguins Steven Crosby”. I was wathcing it on T.V. and thought there was an error in the name but never thought twice as how […]