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  • 15 Gnarly Hockey Faces

    15 Gnarly Hockey Faces

    The NHL is not a place for guys who take great pride in their good looks and impeccable bone structure. In fact, if you have reservations about suffering permanent facial disfigurement, you might want to think about taking up another sport. The Edmonton Oilers’ Taylor Hall certainly know what I’m talking about. Last week, the […]

  • Flyers’ Laperriere Blocks Shot With His Face (Video)

    Flyers’ Laperriere Blocks Shot With His Face (Video)

    The NHL playoffs are the most grueling post-season in all of professional sports.  It is a time when players must show their willingness to sacrifice their bodies for the greater good of the team, no matter what that entails.  Sometimes it involves having your body speared repeatedly by the sticks of five opposing players.  Other […]

  • 2008/09 Colorado Avalanche Season Preview

    2008/09 Colorado Avalanche Season Preview

    4. Colorado Avalanche – Probably a big surprise for most people having this team this low.  I like their forwards but their defence could be better and their goaltending could end up being the worst tandem in the league. Up front the Avalanche look good with Milan Hejduk, Ian Laperriere, Ryan Smyth, Paul Stastny, Marek […]