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  • The MotoGP Girls Will Bring Your Jaw To The Ground

    The MotoGP Girls Will Bring Your Jaw To The Ground

    Total Pro Sports – The high speeds and numerous thrills experienced at any motor racing track are enough to bring in the fans, but if extra incentive was ever needed, we found it.  Please allow me to introduce to you all, the MotoGP Girls. These women you can often find strutting around the pit area […]

  • Paolo Maldini’s Final Home Game Spoiled By Francesco Totti

    Paolo Maldini’s Final Home Game Spoiled By Francesco Totti

    Total Pro Sports – With one more week left in Italian Serie A league play, yesterday marked an important day not only in Italian soccer, but also for World soccer.  One of the most notable figures on the pitch, Paolo Maldini, played his last game in the San Siro, home of AC Milan.  For the […]

  • Six Nations Rugby 2009: Biggest Hits

    Six Nations Rugby 2009: Biggest Hits

    Total Pro Sports- For those of you who don’t know, one of the biggest Rugby tournaments in the world just wrapped up this past week.  The Six Nations Rugby tournament is annual event and this year team Ireland was the winner.  The other nations which take part in the tournament are: Italy, France, England, Wales […]

  • Italy Gives Canada Aboot, eh

    Italy Gives Canada Aboot, eh

    Total Pro Sports -  In a World Baseball Classic that has seen numerous upsets, Monday night was no exception.  Host nation Canada was utterly stunned by an Italian team that was playing inspired ball.

  • Juventus Jerseys Anyone?

    Juventus Jerseys Anyone?

    Total Pro Sports – (Italy) Juventus chief caretaker (equipment manager) Roberto Olivo was caught stealing 2000 jerseys that were used by Juventus players during practice sessions.  He was caught on a hidden camera placed in the Juventus locker room by team officials. It was believed that Roberto Olivo was selling these jerseys in Spain because they would […]

  • European Championship Quarter Final Preview

    The Quarter Finals of the European Championships starts tomorrow; here is how I think it will turn out: Thursday, June, 19th Germany vs. Portugal The game: Look for Germany to win a close one, even though the Portuguese have looked unstoppable at times. The Germans have hit their stride and will be tough to beat. […]

  • Why only against the Azzurri?

    Why only against the Azzurri?

    Someone left this interesting comment on “Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!” and I have some thoughts about it. I agree totally with this Italian soccer fan, I truly feel that ref’s have made some crazy calls against the Azzurri. I was watching the game against the Dutch the other day and couldn’t believe that Toni’s […]

  • To all Italy Fans and gamblers!

    I got into this argument yesterday with a degenerate buddie so I decided it was a great post and life lesson for all gamblers out there. We wont name names here but well call this person “Don Carbs”. I called up “Don Carbs” last night to see what was going on and if he had […]