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  • Chael Sonnen Is The King Of The Post-Fight Interview (Video)

    Chael Sonnen Is The King Of The Post-Fight Interview (Video)

    The main card for this past weekend’s UFC on FOX event provided 55 minutes of fighting.  Unfortunately, those 55 minutes yielded few highlights during what many deemed to be a rather uneventful show. Perhaps the best highlight of the night didn’t even take place during one of the evening’s three main cards.  Instead, it took […]

  • MMA Fighter Suffers Terrible Broken Leg

    MMA Fighter Suffers Terrible Broken Leg

    Total Pro Sports – There may be no worse way to lose an MMA fight than by beating yourself.  There are not many ways a fighter can do that, but one way is by breaking your own leg.  That was exactly what happened to this dude, bringing back memories of Oupa Ngulube‘s leg break during […]

  • UFC 100: Preview And Picks

    UFC 100: Preview And Picks

    Total Pro Sports- This is without a doubt the greatest UFC card ever put together. With three “mega-fights” set to hit the Octagon tomorrow in Las Vagas’ Madalay Bay, there is sure to be more than a fair share of exciting exchanges and great finishes. Two UFC championship belts will be on the line, one […]

  • Matt gets mangled

    For anyone who watched the UFC last night you must have noticed two things, my picks sucked and Matt Hughes got destroyed.  Prior the fight it was announced that Alves had not made the required weight of 170 pounds.  This gave Matt Hughes the option of not taking the fight, However, Hughes being a warrior […]

  • Look…UFC 85 picks

    The latest UFC card is set for tonight in London, England.  Many people are disappointed by this card because the scheduled main event of Liddell vs. Evans had to be postponed due to an injury to Liddell.  However, the card should have some excitement with the likes of Matt Hughes and Michael Bisping.  Here is […]