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  • Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad Idea

    Guns + Pittsburgh Steelers = Bad Idea

    Total Pro Sports – The NFL seems to be the second coming of the NRA. The only league where stars go from signing 100 million dollar contracts, to jail (Michael Vick) and players who shoot themselves in the leg while at a night club (Plaxico Burress) a year from winning the Superbowl. Looks like the […]

  • The Madden Curse Continues

    The Madden Curse Continues

    Total Pro Sports- Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald are your Madden 2010 cover boys.  Now many people are speculating that they will be the latest victims of the long running Madden curse.  The curse supposedly affects those players who have graced the cover of the popular sports game over the years. Since 1999 EA sports […]

  • Show Mike Vick That You Still Love Him

    Show Mike Vick That You Still Love Him

    Total Pro Sports-  If there is anyone out there who would like to show some love and support for incarcerated former NFL star Micheal Vick, you can go to his website and purchase one of these beauty t-shirts.  They are destined to be a hot seller and could be the newest Ed Hardy type trend.  […]