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  • Chris Bosh Amazing Circus Shot Video

    Chris Bosh Amazing Circus Shot Video

    Total Pro Sports – Take out the Salami and Cheese this game is over!!!  Raptor fans you must remember that famous line by Chuck Swirski.  Swirski definitely would have said his famous line if he was still broadcasting for the Toronto Raptors, especially after Chris Bosh’s unbelievable circus shot against the Orlando Magic this past […]

  • Jamal Crawford….What A Move!

    Jamal Crawford….What A Move!

    Total Pro Sports – Last night the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Orlando Magic. The Warriors lost to the Magic 113-81 in Orlando.  But if any of you missed the game or just weren’t interested in watching the game you missed one of the craziest plays ever by Warriors Jamal Crawford. Call the […]