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  • Sleeping Lions: A Draft Strategy to Bring Back the Roar

    Sleeping Lions: A Draft Strategy to Bring Back the Roar

    Total Pro Sports – With the Senior Bowl behind us, and the Super Bowl looming, the college player evaluation process is beginning to intensify. Draft day is exactly three months away, and internet discussion boards are quickly filling with chatter regarding what teams will or should do with their first selections, and beyond. The ultimate […]

  • NFL: Stop Flipping Coins and Play Football

    NFL: Stop Flipping Coins and Play Football

    Total Pro Sports – This past weekend we saw the Indianapolis Colts lose an overtime thriller to the San Diego Chargers and The New L.T. “Darren Sproles“. The game was great as it showcased a little bit of everything a fan wants to see in a game.  The only unfortunate part was that we did […]

  • Peyton Manning Wins Third MVP Trophy

    Peyton Manning Wins Third MVP Trophy

    Total Pro Sports – On Friday the NFL awarded Peyton Manning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Trophy, his third trophy in his career.  Manning has tied Brett Favre for most MVP Trophies in a career, and will probably break the record in upcoming years. Peyton Manning destroyed the field this year in the MVP voting.  […]

  • Who will be MVP?

    Who will be MVP?

    Total Pro Sports-  The NFL season is almost over, so its time to start looking at the players who have the best shot at winning the leagues MVP award.

  • Colts will run over the Jags

    Colts will run over the Jags

    Total Pro Sports-  Tonight the Indianapolis Colts will be traveling to Florida, to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.  When the schedule was made I’m sure this looked like a great division match-up, with huge playoff implications.  In reality,  the game is only important for the Colts who need one more win to secure a playoff birth in AFC.

  • The Manning Bowl

    The Manning Bowl

    Total Pro Sports- The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters were released yesterday and the usual suspects were all there along with some new comers.  The biggest story line from yesterday is that for the first time ever QB brothers will play in the same game.  Peyton Manning, from the Indianapolis Colts, and Eli Manning, from the […]

  • Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Top 5 Fantasy Quarterbacks

    Here is a look at the Quarterbacks who will help your team win the fantasy football championship this year: 1.Tom Brady Reigning league MVP and Super bowl loser Tom Brady, will play this season with a chip on his shoulder and pick up right where he left off last year. Another year with Randy Moss […]