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  • Rally Car Driver Falls Off Mountain And Lives

    Rally Car Driver Falls Off Mountain And Lives

    Total Pro Sports -  During a race on April 3rd, 2009 rally Car driver Jari-Matti Latvala, is lucky to be alive, following a frightening crash in Portugal a couple of days ago.  Not only did this guy almost die, but now his team wants to fire him, and I thought North American sports were cut-throat.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes His Ferrari

    Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes His Ferrari

    Total Pro Sports – Manchester United Star Christiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari on the way to training Thursday morning. The Portugal wingers Ferrari collided with a roadside barrier in a two-lane tunnel near Manchester Airport, police said. Ronaldo (23 year old European Player of the Year) escaped with no injuries.  Also the police gave him […]

  • European Championship Quarter Final Preview

    The Quarter Finals of the European Championships starts tomorrow; here is how I think it will turn out: Thursday, June, 19th Germany vs. Portugal The game: Look for Germany to win a close one, even though the Portuguese have looked unstoppable at times. The Germans have hit their stride and will be tough to beat. […]

  • Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!

    Its a great time every four years.  People from all over Europe, and all over the world beomce one with their European country of origin (that is if they have one) and cheer them to victory or cry with them in defeat (poor Ronaldo…and if you want more great pics like this one, just google […]