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  • Jamal Anderson Is One Dirty Bird

    Jamal Anderson Is One Dirty Bird

    Total Pro Sports- The Associated press is reporting that former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson has been arrested and charged with felony cocaine and misdemeanor marijuana charges. Its ironic that on Pro Bowl Sunday a former Pro Bowler will be spending the day in jail, instead of on the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

  • Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs

    Biggest Pro Bowl Snubs

    Total Pro Sports-  Every year when the Pro Bowl rosters are announced there are players that don’t deserve to make the team and vice versa.  One reason that undeserving players make it to Hawaii because of their reputation as a good player.  Take the example of Champ Bailey, who missed most of the season with […]

  • The Manning Bowl

    The Manning Bowl

    Total Pro Sports- The 2009 Pro Bowl rosters were released yesterday and the usual suspects were all there along with some new comers.  The biggest story line from yesterday is that for the first time ever QB brothers will play in the same game.  Peyton Manning, from the Indianapolis Colts, and Eli Manning, from the […]

  • 2009 NFL PRO Bowl Rosters

    2009 NFL PRO Bowl Rosters

    Total Pro Sports – The NFL just announced the 2009 NFL PRO Bowl rosters for both the NFC and the AFC Conferences.  From the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals are sending the most starters with 4 players and the New York Giants are sending the second most with 3 starters coming from their team. In the […]